The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Monday 18th June 2012 in the Wignall Room, Ogilvie Hall at 7.15 pm. 

24/1213 Present

Councillors, Mr A Coley, Mr D Ashley, Mr D Elkin, Mr C Guglielmi, Mr B Jacobs and Mr D Macdonald

Mr. D Thurlow (Clerk).

Also Present: 

5 members of the public.

25/1213 Apologies were received from:

Cllrs: Mr T Barrett, Mrs V Gugliemi, Mrs J Langstone, Mr R Ling, Mr J O’Mara, Mrs L Pallett, Mr G Payne, Mr B Rolfe and Mr K Simons (District Councillor)

26/1213 Minutes of the Previous Meeting

The minutes of the AGM held on Monday 21st May 2012, having already been circulated were accepted and approved. Proposed by Mr C Guglielmi. Mr B Jacobs name was left of those present

The minutes of the previous meeting held on Monday 21st May 2012, having already been circulated were accepted and approved. Proposed by Mr B Jacobs

27/1213 Matters Arising


28/1213 Open Session

1 Member of the public Raised the problem of refuse collection and the way the operators collected the actual waste itself. Some of the operatives did not make a tidy job of the collecting process. She was going to put all her rubbish in black sacks thereby negating the idea of recycling. This was not the first complaint of this nature Mr C Guglielmi will speak to TDC. The Chairman thanked her for coming

1 Member of the public represented the Mistley Kids Club who at present is operating out of The Pavilion School Lane since the fire at Mistley Village Hall. She outlined the aims of the club, who attends and how it functions. They have about 30 children on their books and they feel that the pavilion is better suited to their needs and Ofsted are happy with this arrangement. They are also a charity. They are hoping to place a container for their equipment at School Lane (see amenities) and the neighbour whose hedge it will be near are happy with this arrangement. The Chairman thanked her for coming and explaining the issue.

1 Member of the public raised the issue of high speed broadband and will it cover all of the Manningtree Telephone area. It was thought it would not cover the industrial estate, the area around Foxash and it is thought Lawford Place. The clerk will write to Tendring District Council to find out the latest information.

Police Not present This months figures had already been circulated

District Council There have been savings of £630k. £300k is to be used to set up a Business Rate Relief Fund and will attract government matching funding of £900k. £143k to go to Tendring District Councils Big Society Fund. £150k towards a free parking scheme and from July there will be free parking between 10am and 12 midnight except at Holland Haven and The Naze householders will receive a permit for this scheme. £100k to set up a new Rural Infrastructure Fund, which will enable the council to deal with issues in rural settlements. A review of the Careline communication system is being undertaken and it is hoped to be completed by the end of the year.

29/1213 Finance

a) Direct Debit

EON Energy (Street lights unmetered supply) £273.72

BT (Office communications broadband etc) £57.80

Ogilvie Hall (Office Rent) £300.00

EON Energy (Tennis Court Lights) £8.04

b) The following items of expenditure were approved and cheques signed

Salaries and Wages £1387.16

Inland Revenue £321.83

D Hitchcock (Expenses) £26.97

D Thurlow (Expenses) £25.00

Landscape Services (Grass Cutting) £1740.00

P Tuckwell (Tractor Battery) £101.45

Tendring District (Play Equipment Inspection) £167.58

B Clarkson (Internal Auditor) £300.00

PRS for Music (Jubilee Licence) £55.38

Kerry King (Jubilee expenses) £384.21

David Ashley (Jubilee expenses) £186.47

Mistley Village Hall (Jubilee Hall Hire) £150.00

Martin Rayner (Jubilee Expenses) £450.00

Bruce Landscapes (Riverview Roundabout replacement) £10,354.80

Mr D Ashley declared an interest

Proposed by Mr B Jacobs.

c) Grants and Affiliations.

Primary School. An application has been received asking for a grant towards the provision of a cycle rack. It was decided to ask for additional information regarding numbers of bikes at present forecasted and what grants have been raised already (see attached sheet)

Essex Playing Fields Association. It was decided to give a grant of £25.00

Young Musician of the Year. It was decided to sponsor a category at a cost of £70.00(see attached Sheet)

TDALC It was decided to re affiliate at a cost of £15.00 

30/1213 Planning 

a) Planning Applications 

12/00518/FUL, Manningtree High School, Proposed extension to create store room. Manningtree High School Colchester Road Lawford. No Objection   

12/00578/FUL, Mr & Mrs John and Susan Currington, Erection of double garage. Old Laundry Hungerdown Lane Lawford

12/00579/CON, Mr & Mrs John and Susan Currington, Demolition of existing boundary wall and rebuild as part of new garage. Old Laundry Hungerdown Lane Lawford Decision

 Objection (Mr R Ling and Mr D Thurlow declared an interest)

a) Will spoil the look of the house and its frontage because of the height of the garage. It will become an ugly building/plot, visually not pleasing.

b) Can garages be made from the other outbuildings on the site instead of a large building at the front?

c) Is this a listed building if so will this garage be in keeping with its listed building status?

d) This plot/building is in a conservation area and this fact must be taken into account. Not in keeping with the area.

e) The road is a narrow one and cars cannot be allowed to park on the road, as this will cause passing problems especially for lorries. Will this garage encourage visitors to park on the road and not pull off the road and onto the property.

f) Will cars have enough room to turn road or will they have to reverse out onto the road.

g) If unfortunately granted must not be converted into a dwelling at any stage.

b) The planning decisions of Tendring District Council were noted.

31/1213 Joint Neighbourhood Plan & Community Land Trusts

This will remain on the agenda and we are still awaiting further information for the government. The Local plan should go before Tendring District Councils cabinet in September.

32/1213 Highways

Another meeting to be arranged Mr B Jacobs will arrange this in the absence of Mrs L Pallett. No further information on the speed limit on Cox’s Hill and Bromley Road.

33/1213 Amenities.

The minutes of the amenity meeting had been circulated; the roundabout and safety surfacing at Riverview had been completed.

The junior 5-a-side will be held on 8th July at School Lane. They have filled in an application form

There was an application by Mistley Kids Club (who is using the pavilion as a temporary measure since the fire at Mistley Village Hall. They would like to make this arrange permanent and to site a container at School Lane. If this were to go ahead we would need to have a look at the lease in terms of subletting. There has been a letter sent to the enforcement section of Tendring District Council regarding the events going on in the pavilion. It appears these might be against the original planning application. It was decided to reconvene the original pavilion committee to look into all aspects of pavilion use and its long-term usage.

Vehicle Show. It has appeared to go off relatively trouble free although there were concerns over parking and exhibit arrival time. It was decided to hold a post vehicle show meeting to discuss how it went and what lessons can be learnt from the event.

34/1213 PCSO’s

Next meeting between the police and the 3 parishes is 21/6/2012 at Mistley police Station.

35/1213 Tesco

The Co-op have appealed again and this appeals process only meets when there is a large enough work load to warrant it, but Tendring District Council cannot find out how large the work load is at present. We await developments.

36/1213 Jubilee

The 3 events had gone off well despite the weather especially on the Sunday in Manningtree when it rained. Feedback has been positive and the atmosphere at the events was good. It is hoped to hold an exhibition of photographs in Manningtree Town centre. There is a post jubilee meeting on 20/6/2012. Lawford has been handling the accounts money is still coming in.

37/1213 Foundry Court

We are concerned after 3 months how this project is progressing especially as it was shut for 2 weeks. It was decided to ask for a 3 monthly review to ascertain how things are progressing and invite someone to the next council meeting.

38/1213 Parishes Trust

Latest newsletter has been circulated. The token scheme and ideas are now needed on how to spend the money especially in the two areas of Sports Legacy and Youth Projects. The youth shelter has agreement for it position next to the telephone exchange but legal costs are to be sorted out. They are still applying for charitable status

39/1213 Office Refurbishment.

A document has been drafted for consideration regarding what we will offer the public and what the office needs are. It is a service level agreement for consideration

40/1213 Vacancy

The notice period has now ended and it is believed that the will be no election. It was decided to reconvene the committee to organise the co-opting process committee consisting of Mr A Coley, Mr D Ashley, Mr B Jacobs and Mrs V Gugliemi

41/1213 Meetings attended by councillors 

Representatives had attended the Business Chamber meeting where the Market Place Car Park and trade in the High Street was discussed. There will be an event in the summer next year and this years Christmas event will be 7th December. Concerns were raised that there appeared to be nobody from the industrial side of the area it appeared just storeowners.