The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Monday 18th March 2013 in the Wignall Room, Ogilvie Hall at 7.15 pm. 

185/1213 Present

Councillors: Mr A Coley, Mr D Ashley, Mrs J Goodchild, Mrs V Gugliemi, Mrs J Langstone, Mr R Ling, Mr D Macdonald, Mr J O’Mara, Mrs L Pallett, Mr G Payne and Mr B Rolfe.

Mr. D Thurlow (Clerk).

Also Present:

 C Wilkin (Harwich and Manningtree Standard)

6 members of the public.

186/1213 Apologies were received from:

Cllrs, Mr T Barrett, Mr C Guglielmi, Miss V Pretty, and Mr K Simons (District Councillor).

187/1213 Minutes of the Previous Meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting held on Monday 18th February 2013, having already been circulated were accepted and approved. Proposed by Mr J O’Mara Seconded Mr R Ling. It was noted that Mrs L Pallett had attended the meeting of the Mayflower Line and had written a report, which had been distributed. 

188/1213 Matters Arising


189/1213 The Vacancy

The recommendation of the selection committee was that Mrs J Collier be co-opted as a councillor for Lawford Parish Council Proposed Mr D Ashley Seconded Mrs J Langstone and this was unanimously carried. She signed the acceptance form and joined the meeting.

190/1213 Open Session 

1 Member of the public. Raised the problem of litter behind the fence in the footpath between Waldegrave Way and Merivale Close We have cleaned it once before, will do so again and enquire with the district council the status of this fence

Action the clerk to get the area litter picked and asks TDC what can be done in the long term.

1 member of the public raised the proposed new “hut” that the sailing want to build on the Walls this will be brought up in Planning.

Police. Not present this months figures had been circulated showing a marked decrease in the recorded crimes.

District Council. The full council have passed the budget. No increase in the council tax. The recycling process has now settled down and appears to be working well with the amount in weight going to landfill fallen. Dog fouling is an issue across Tendring District with irresponsible owners not clearing up after their dogs but they need detailed evidence to prosecute. Tendring will prosecute where they can. Tendring have adopted the so called “bedroom tax” and are targeting 3 bedroom houses but if anyone has a problem they must contact TDC to discuss it. People must now accept they do not have a council house for life.  

County Councillor. Not present

191/1213 Finance

a) Direct Debit

EON Energy (Street lights unmetered supply)  £247.24

BT  (Office communications broadband etc)     £59.28

Ogilvie Hall (Office Rent)                                £300.00

EON Energy  (Tennis Court)                          £3.36

b) The following items of expenditure were approved and cheques signed

Salaries and Wages                                     £1343.56

Inland Revenue                                            £310.83

D Hitchcock         (Expenses)                       £44.18

D Thurlow            (Expenses)                       £168.48

A to Z                 (litter pickers)                     £38.11

EALC                 (Course)                            £65.00

Siemens Financial Services (Photocopier)     £78.79

P J Everett        (tractor service trailer fault)  £216.99

Furnatureatwork  (Office Desk)                    £270.00

Essex Playing Fields    (Entry Fee)             £10.00

Wybone                       (litter bin)                £178.84

G Payne                      (Expenses)             £32.40

Mr G Payne declared an interest.  

Proposed by Mr J O’Mara Seconded by Mr B Rolfe

c) Grants and Affiliations. None this month 

192/1213 Planning          

a) Planning Applications

               13/00170/TCA, Miss Sarha Hannis, Tree A - Pine, remove. Tree C - Pine, remove two branches, Scola Wignall Street Lawford  No Objection.

               13/00183/FUL, Mr & Mrs Paddock, Single storey rear extension (following removal of existing structure) and erection of a front boundary wall. The Cottage Garden City Lawford. No Objection Please Note a) The front wall does not appear in keeping with the area and other houses in the street. b) 7 feet is high for a wall

               13/00194/FUL, Mr Roger Giddings,  Proposed 2 storey rear extension to farmhouse. Internal alterations at first floor level to create en suite and main bathroom conversion of roof space to create 2 no. bedrooms, one provided with en suite bathroom and creation 2 no. dormer windows. Grange Farm Grange Road Lawford. Recommendation. Neutral Please Note a) The building materials used should be complimentary. b) Rooms in the roof are liked, but how will it be achieved without a parapet. c) The glass canopy not in keeping, could a conservation Velux type be used. d) direction of listed building regulations must be considered.

               13/00198/FUL, Mr & Mrs Pearce, Two storey side and rear extensions together with detached new cart lodge building. 69 Hungerdown Lane Lawford Manningtree. No Objection

               13/00196/FUL, Mr Roger Giddings, Construction of new double garage, store and workshop adjacent to existing stable block and yard. Creation of new hard standing to provide vehicle access to garage. Grange Farm Grange Road Lawford. No Objection

               13/00216/LUEX, Ms D Fuller, Keeping of up to 14 dogs. 52 Harwich Road Lawford. Recommendation. Objection. a) Applicant has had 1 year to adhere to the ruling of the Inspectorate b) The conditions set by appeal ref APP/P1560/C/11/2153270 must not be relaxed.

Action Clerk to ensure all comments are recorded on the planning web site

b) The planning decisions of Tendring District Council were noted. There was only one decision affecting Lawford.

c) Sailing Club. As this application is not in Lawford therefore we did not receive any plans regarding it and the only information councillors had was via the Harwich and Manningtree Standard. It was felt that this was a large design. The meeting felt we would offer our support to Manningtree Town Council in any debate they may have.

Action Clerk to write to Manningtree Town Council   

193/1213 Highways

                Queensway Parking. We have received about 40 replies out of 109 posted; the majority have been from the Station Road end of the estate. The houses further up towards the top of Queensway appear to have fewer parking spaces at each house than those at the Station Road end. Parking permits fees are per car per year and all the estate must be in the scheme. Feedback from areas that have employed this scheme indicate that there are problems in keeping it working well. It was decided to leave any further discussion for another month. There are still planning constraints placed on this estate. The car park at the station does not appear to getting full at present and NCP who run the car park are not concerned at present with requiring additional spaces.

                The Cox’s Hill speed limit is still ongoing and it would not appear to be resolved in the near future.

                It was decided to approach the local taxi firms to see if they could keep us informed of new potholes that have appeared so we can try and get them mended earlier.

Action Clerk to contact local taxi firms  

194/1213 Amenities.

We have been given a grant from Essex Environment Trust towards the replacement of the multi unit at Riverview play area and we have to enter into an agreement with them and the meeting agreed with the deed statement.

Action Clerk to send it off agreement details and sign necessary papers

Provision of goal posts at Riverview. It was decided to accept the quotation from Playquip Leisure and to see if it can be funded from any S106 money allocated to Lawford.

Action Clerk to enquire about the funding and to send project details to Tendring District Council.

We had been approached by Essex County Council to see if we would part fund the changes to the definitive map regarding footpaths 10,11, 13 and 14, which centre on School Lane Playing Field. As most of the so-called obstructions have been in place for many years i.e. houses tennis courts and there had been no problem it was decided not to contribute. 

Action Clerk to inform Essex County Council of the decision. 

Meetings for both the Amenities and Highways committees are to be held on 13th May, 8th July, 9th September and 11th November Highways at 7.00pm and Amenities at 8.00pm

195/1213 Police Matters

One of our match funded PCSO’s has left her last day being 8th February and at present there is no replacement despite efforts to do so. Meetings have been held with the police to explore how this can be resolved and letters have been written asking for a resolution to this problem but to date no official reply has been received. A new funding proposal has been received which indicated that an increase of 4.61% was wanted and this must be agreed by 22nd March. As the finance officers of the police did not realise that we were now one PCSO light, that our match funding could be affected this date has now been put back. We will have to wait and see how it works out but in the mean time 2 resolutions were put to this meeting

a)       Do we wish to continue to match fund 2 PCSO’s

b)       Do we agree to the increase in the match funding

The meeting discussed the whole concept of the PCSO’s and the fact they are often the only presence of policing seen and staffing levels at the station. However the meeting indicated that they would carry on funding PCSO’s and agree to the increase. Mr D Macdonald spoke against the proposals. Mistley are in favour Manningtree have yet to discuss the matter.

We hope for a reduction in the next invoice but as we pay in arrears we have not had that invoice.


They had not come back to us with any information at present despite numerous phone calls and e-mails.

197/1213 Foundry Court    

Mrs V Guglielmi and Mrs L Pallett declared an interest. The Dacon Trust is taking over the running of the lunch club and will try to work with trainees. They are hoping to use the kitchen at the centre and this will work for 3 days a week and to provide fresh meals. The volunteers at present are being asked to stay on. They are hoping to run a café system operating from 9am till 4pm and be open to all comers in the future. The tea dance was poorly attended but the food provided as an example was well received. This item will now come off future agendas.               

198/1213 3 Parishes Trust

The AGM was held on 11th March with only 12 people attending due to poor weather. They gave an update on what had been achieved during the year and the 2 directors who were standing down were both elected.

Our representative gave a brief run down of where grants had been raised, given and an update on the youth’s shelter. Mr D Macdonald as he has become a director is no longer our representative with Mrs J Langstone taking on this role.

199/1213 Office Refurbishment.   

The shelving, desk and blinds are now in place and the computer system ordered and this project is nearing completion.

The service level agreement is being finalised and will appear on the web site. The Saturday surgeries are to be held in 11th May, 8th June and 13th July and will run as a trial and will be held in the Small Hall Ogilvie Hall a rota of councillors will be organised. A newsletter is being finalised and it is hoped to deliver it to all houses in Lawford

200/1213 Best Kept Village

 It was decided not to enter this competition this year but to keep the guidelines and using these guidelines inspect the village with a view to entering in the future.

201/1213 Three Chairs Meeting/Community Award/Three Parishes Event

 The minutes and action points of the last meeting had been circulated the main items included the burglaries at Highfields School, Joint fault reporting for street lighting, three parishes event and the community award. There is a meeting regarding the three parishes event on 30th April, and to progress the community award and to find out what the other parishes ideas are.

Actions as per meeting minutes

There was an idea to hold a social event between councillors of the 3 parishes so they could mix freely and exchange ideas. To be confirmed. 

202/1213 Meetings attended by councillors

 Mr G Payne had attended a course on allotments, which he enjoyed. 

A questionnaire had been received from Dedham Parish Council who is considering staging a market on the Royal Square to raise funds. This survey wanted our ideas on this proposal.

Action Clerk to send the survey back

Essex Heritage Trust had sent out a letter saying they had grant money available for schemes/projects.

Next year is the 100th anniversary of the start of the 1st World War. Ideas commemorate this event are welcome.