The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Monday 21st May 2012 in the Wignall Room, Ogilvie Hall at 7.15 pm. 

6/1213 Present

Councillors, D Ashley, Mr T Barrett, Mr D Elkin, Mr C Guglielmi, Mrs V Gugliemi, Mr B Jacobs, Mrs J Langstone, Mr D Macdonald, Mr G Payne and Mr B Rolfe

Mr. D Thurlow (Clerk).

Also Present:

Mr K Simons (District Councillor)

L Price (Harwich and Manningtree Standard).

P C. C Phillips (Essex Police).

6 members of the public. 

Mr D Ashley (vice chairman) chaired the meeting 

7/1213 Apologies were received from:

Cllrs: Mr A Coley, Mr R Ling, Mr J O’Mara and Mrs L Pallett. 

8/1213 Minutes of the Previous Meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting held on Monday 16th April 2012, having already been circulated were accepted and approved. Proposed by Mr B Jacobs 

9/1213 Matters Arising 

The new recycling bins have been delivered.

The market square car park is in use although Manningtree Town Council is asking for a review of this decision with the possibility of a referendum on its use as a car park. It is being well used and to date there have been no problems. 

10/1213 Open Session

1 Member of the public spoke about the arrangements for the vehicle show being held on School Lane Playing Field. Things are progressing with many vehicles coming, insurance has been obtained, risk assessments completed. The one problem appears to be where the visitor’s cars can park as the fields behind the playing field may not be used and it is hoped the main pitch will not be used for parking. The chairman thanked her for the update and then 4 members of the public then left to hold a site meeting.

1 member of the public discussed the Bromley Road speeding problems and the lack of response he had received to his letters to the highways (they had replied but only stated the process for letter response) and the local County Councillor.

1 member of the public complained about parking in Colchester Road. The police representative said if he called the police when an obstruction was in place they will come and deal with it.

Police The crime figures for Lawford had been circulated. There had been 4 crimes in Lawford in April. This compares with 7 in April 2011 and 15 in March. 1arrest had been made. There was no link between the crimes. Thanks were passed to the police for the response to parking problems in Skelton Close. He asked that the public remain vigilant and report problems. The chairman thanked him for coming.

District Council . As stated the recycling bins have been delivered and this is the first week of the new system people must give it time to bed in, as there are always teething problems, although it does appear there are certain places that the food waste bins cannot be collected from. The A120 alterations have caused problems so there will be an independent survey carried out, money has been set-aside for this. The local plan will be presented to councillors soon and then go to consultation. It contains a 6% growth over 10 years in current housing across the board. They must have this document signed off by March 2013.  

11/1213 Finance

a) Direct Debit

EON Energy (Street lights unmetered supply) £264.89

BT (Office communications broadband etc) £150.02

Ogilvie Hall (Office Rent) £300.00

b) The following items of expenditure were approved and cheques signed

Salaries and Wages £1396.46

Inland Revenue £324.23

D Hitchcock (Expenses) £94.84

D Thurlow (Expenses) £105.00

Landscape Services (Grass Cutting) £1740.00

Lawford PCC (Grant) £1,300.00

Manningtree Bus (Grant) £300.00

Manningtree 1st responders (Grant) £500.00

EALC (Course) £35.00

A K Insurance Services (Tractor Insurance) £153.77

D Ashley (Jubilee Expenses) £99.71

Essex Woodlands (Tree removal) £120.00 

Mr D Ashley declared an interest

Proposed by Mrs J Langstone.

c) Finance Meeting. The minutes had been circulated, discussed and agreed with the internal auditor for 2012/2013 being Mr B Clarkson.

d) Accounts The accounts for 2011/2012 had been circulated, were agreed and approved.

e) Audit declaration. The Annual Governance Statement was agreed and approved.

f) Allowance Scheme This scheme for the year 2012/2013 had been circulated and agreed.

g) Insurance 2 quotes had been obtained and it was decided to accept the quote from Came and Company with a 3-year scheme. 

h) Grants and Affiliations.

It was decided to give a grant of £100.00 to the Friends of Foundry Court. Mrs V Guglielmi declared an interest.

12/1213 Planning

a) Planning Applications

12/00371/FUL, Mr & Mrs Russell Howe, First floor front extension, front porch and single storey rear extension (to replace existing conservatory). 31 Stourdale Close Lawford. No Objection.

12/00488/FUL, Mr P Turtle, Alterations to roof to enable reduction in roof pitch. Ramillies Harwich Road Lawford. No Objection 

b) The planning decisions of Tendring District Council were noted. 

13/1213 Joint Neighbourhood Plan & Community Land Trusts

This will remain on the agenda and we are still awaiting further information for the government.

14/1213 Highways

Very little progress has been made on outstanding issues and we had written to Peter Martin head of Essex County Council who has passed it on to the portfolio holder. 

15/1213 Amenities.

The jubilee plaque needs to be ordered item for the Amenities committee.

The fence at the School Lane Playing field needs replacing and quotes had been obtained and it was decided to have bow top fencing. It was decided that the idea to use the tennis court as one length of fencing was a good one providing it did not block a footpath. Clerk to pursue.

A letter had been received regarding the area around the rear entrance at Highfields Primary School, which becomes a boggy area when it is wet. The amenities committee at its next meeting will consider this. 

16/1213 PCSO’s  

The minutes from the last meeting between the police and the 3 parishes had been circulated and discussed with the parking problems highlighted. These meeting were progressing well with the next one is in June. 

17/1213 Tesco

The Co-op although losing the last review is appealing again for the 3rdtime and we await that outcome. 

18/1213 Jubilee 

Progressing well with events taking shape. The air ambulance helicopter will be at the Lawford event but car parking will be on the playing field. 115 tickets have been sold for the Manningtree event and 4 bands booked for the Mistley event. The next meeting 23 May. 

19/1213 Foundry Court

 Mrs V Guglielmi declared an interest.

There is another meeting next Monday evening to see how the new concept is progressing. The luncheon is now called Oasis and have run a tea dance last week. 

20/1213 3 Parishes Trust

The siting of the youths shelter is progressing. Information boards are now in place and a suggestion of a notice board at the walls was taken a way by a member of the public. The token scheme will end in May and the sports legacy idea needs idea.

It will soon become a charity. 

21/1213 Office Refurbishment.

A meeting had taken place and it is hoped to have a service level agreement in place soon. There are ideas to decorate the 3 offices and improve the furniture and communications. 

22/1213 Vacancy 

Mrs L Mccracken had resigned from the council and the chairman had sent her a letter thanking her for her time as a councillor. The vacancy was declared and due process will now take place. Clerk to pursue 

23/1213 Meetings attended by councillors

A report from the Mayflower line meeting had been circulated.

The report from the local councils along the A120 had been circulated with the emphasis on tourism and planning.