The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Monday 19th November 2012 in the Wignall Room, Ogilvie Hall at 7.15 pm.
120/1213 Present
Councillors: Mr D Ashley, Mr T Barrett, Mrs J Goodchild, Mr C Guglielmi, Mrs V Gugliemi, Mrs J Langstone, Mr R Ling, Mr D Macdonald, Mrs L Pallett, Miss V Pretty, Mr G Payne and Mr B Rolfe. 
Mr. D Thurlow (Clerk). 
Also Present:
PC J Miles (Essex Police)
4 members of the public.
The chairman could not attend this meeting therefore Mr D Ashley (Vice-chairman) chaired this meeting.
121/1213 Apologies were received from: 
Cllrs, Mr A Coley, Mr J O’Mara and Mr K Simons (District Councillor)
122/1213 Minutes of the Previous Meeting
The minutes of the previous meeting held on Monday 15th October 2012, having already been circulated were accepted and approved. Proposed by Mr B Rolfe Seconded Mrs L Pallett
123/1213 Matters Arising
The jubilee accounts have now been signed off by the chairman of Manningtree, Mistley and Lawford councils.
Amend the minutes to read “Elected as Conservative group leader”.
124/1213 Open Session
1 Member of the public raised the following problem: that if there was a development on Coxs Hill the problem of increased traffic flow, congestion around certain areas of Lawford especially the railway bridge on the A137 and to stop parking on the roads in any development must be looked at. He was encouraged to attend both presentations on 21st November and the 8th December and fill in any representation form. One problem is that it has to be proved that any development has an impact on these areas. It is suspected that any alteration to the A137 railway bridge would cost millions of pounds.
1 Member of the public also commented on that it was originally envisaged that the land on Coxs Hill was to be a green space. There should be no rat runs between the Dale Hall and Lefleys or any entrances onto any development. He was also encouraged to attend both presentations on 21st November and the 8th December and fill in any representation form. The meeting was informed that Tendring District Council have to provide development land within the district and have decided to spread the amount across all parishes within the district. Everyone was encouraged to attend both meetings, see the exact details and fill in any representation forms.
Police. October’s months’ figures had already been circulated. There have been 4 reported crimes in Lawford and there is an increase in burglaries both locally and nationally especially in the daytime when people are out at work. There will be an information leaflet distributed locally and there could be surveillance operations conducted locally. There is a lot of work going on to catch the culprits and it does look like there are professional thieves at work.
District Council. Central government will be reducing the Council Tax grant to all authorities and Tendrings loss will amount to 2 million pounds. For the first time ever everyone claiming benefits with the exception of pensioners and the vulnerable will be paying council tax. Bathside Bay will have to have a public enquiry it must be held in order to evaluate the impact of the development. Plans for a new waste transfer station on the A120 are to be lodged with Essex County Council. The Princess Royal will be visiting the CAB headquarters in November. There will be a pantomime in the Princes Theatre Clacton this year.
County Councillor. Not present and will not be seeking re election in May 2013, Mr C Guglielmi will be standing for the Conservative party in her place.
125/1213 Finance
a) Direct Debit
EON Energy (Street lights unmetered supply) £273.72
BT (Office communications broadband etc) £57.93
Ogilvie Hall (Office Rent) £300.00
b) The following items of expenditure were approved and cheques signed
Salaries and Wages  £1393.36
Inland Revenue £323.43
D Hitchcock (Expenses) £93.43
D Thurlow (Expenses) £331.70
Landscape Services (Grass Cutting) £660.00
Furnitureatwork (Office Chairs) £192.00
Manningtree Town Council (Jubilee distribution) £263.45
Mistley Parish Council (Jubilee distribution) £1331.88
SLCC (Conference Fee) £78.00
A & J Lighting (Light Faults) £244.68
Identilabel (signs) £192.00
A Bruce (School Lane fence) £8004.00
Proposed by Miss V Pretty Seconded by Mr D Macdonald. 
c) The minutes from a finance meeting had been circulated and the main points were highlighted. It was felt the existing way of calculating the PCSO payments was the fairest. Look at opening a higher interest rate account, not to purchase a bankcard and a quick review of the budget. The recommendations of this meeting for grants are given below 
d) Grants and Affiliations.  
Manningtree Business Chamber, It was decided to give £100.00 towards the entertainers who will be performing at the Magical Manningtree Christmas event. Majority voted for this. This overturned the recomendation of the finance meeting and it was stressed this was for the entertainment side of the event only. Mr C Guglielmi declared an interest.
Methodist Church Manningtree, It was decided to give £500.00 towards their building work.
Autumn Days. It was decided to give £25.00. 
126/1213 Planning
a) Planning Applications
12/01064/FUL, Miss Tara Scott, Two storey side extension forming sensory room and bedroom (variation to planning permission 11/01495/FUL). 64 Gainsborough Drive Lawford. Decision Objection.
a)Please refer to all comments on original planning application 11/01064/FUL.
b)This house is on a small plot and now provides no parking facility on the owner’s property. The lady runs a catering business and we suspect that they also park vans at this address.
c)Site is on a bend so no safe parking on the road.
d)There are legal parking restrictions on this estate roads so alternative road parking is impracticable.
e)Compared to the original plans they we assume have built an extension that is now larger than the original plans. Therefore not only have the applicants changed the garage to a multi sensory room they have extended out into the back garden further than the original plans (11/01495/FUL) for both storeys.
f)When looking at the original plans the possibility of not providing a garage was always going to happen.
Please Note
This is a flagrant breach of the original planning application and should not be allowed to happen. This appears to have come to light after the enforcement officers of Tendring District Council paid them a visit after concerns of the local community hence the new amended plans. Not only have they changed the use of the supposed garage they have also increased the size to the extension encroaching further into the back garden without first obtaining permission and submitting fresh plans. On looking at the original application the change of use of the garage was a strong possibility, which has come to pass. They are still doing the work whist this new application is being submitted.
b) The planning decisions of Tendring District Council were noted.
c) The local plan there is 2 copies circulating and there are 2 exhibitions to be held on 21st November and 8th December at the Venture Centre and members of the public are encouraged to attend.
127/1213 Highways
The minutes of the latest highways meeting had been circulated and a reply from Tendring District Council had been received regarding parking and junction protection. It made it clear not all schemes could be adopted.
We have to enlist the help of our County Councillor in dealing with the new Highways panel.
Pot Holes are being mended.
We will be getting clarification on insurance with regards to the winter salt scheme.
The redundant cabinet in Victoria Crescent has been removed.
128/1213 Amenities.
The minutes of the last Amenities meeting had been circulated and the main points highlighted.
School Lane the wooden fence has been replaced, notices placed in the car park.
Riverview Multi Unit replacement is ongoing. Entrance gates no reply yet.
Owls Flight Dell and Waldegrave Way no problems.
Village entrance photographs required by the highways department. 
There had been one application to stage an event on School Lane Playing Field and it was decided to invite the applicant to meet the Amenity Working Group to discuss the aspects of staging this event again. 
129/1213 PCSO’s 
Meeting on 22/11/2012 at Mistley Police Station.
Contract up for renewal 2013 
Try and organise a meeting with other parishes who sponsor PCSO’s to find out what problems they encounter.
Write to the new police commissioner re the closure of Mistley Police Station.
130/1213 Tesco
There is another appeal hearing 21/11/2012 and it is hoped this is the final one and it can be resolved once and for all.
131/1213 Foundry Court
Mrs V Gugliemi and Mrs L Pallett declared an interest A Christmas festival had been held 17/11/2012 to raise funds and it will not be until after Christmas when a decision will be known if it will carry on operating.
132/1213 3 Parishes Trust
The youth shelter: BT appears to be happy with the position of the shelter.
Trim trail in Mistley grants are being obtained.
Charitable status still being pursued.
The proposal to provide steps along the riverbank is still in the embryonic stage with little progress at present.
Hoped to arrange a meeting between representatives of the 3 councils and the directors of the 3 parishes trust.
133/1213 Office Refurbishment.
Still in progress. Fire safe installed, Decorator given job, quotes for carpets being obtained.
134/1213 Riverbank. Steps
Covered in 3 parishes Trust section.
135/1213 Meetings attended by councillors
The chamber meeting had been held earlier. The chamber wants to take over the running of the market square although Manningtree Town Council are not happy with it being a car park. They want to organise a scheme to enable unemployed youth do work experience locally. They are producing a tourist type brochure that will have no advertising in it. The Christmas tree is in place ready for the magical Manningtree event on the 7th December.
A meeting with TDC had taken place to discuss housing being run by Alms Housing or charities locally.