The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Monday 15th October 2012 in the Wignall Room, Ogilvie Hall at 7.15 pm.
102/1213 Present
Councillors:  Mr A Coley, Mr D Ashley, Mr T Barrett, Mrs J Goodchild, Mrs V Gugliemi, Mrs J Langstone, Mr R Ling, Mr D Macdonald, Mr J O’Mara, Mrs L Pallett, Miss V Pretty, Mr G Payne and Mr B Rolfe. 
Mr. D Thurlow (Clerk). 
Also Present:
Mr W Smith (Tendring District Council)
H Barnett (Harwich and Manningtree Standard)
PC J Miles and PCSO O Churchill (Essex Police)
3 members of the public.
Since the last meeting our fellow councillor and very good friend Mr B Jacobs had died suddenly. Everybody at this meeting stood and held a one minutes silence in his memory impeccably observed.
The chairman welcomed two new councillors Miss V Pretty and Mrs J Goodchild to their first meeting; he hoped they enjoyed their time on the council. 
103/1213 Apologies were received from: 
Cllrs, Mr C Guglielmi and Mr K Simons (District Councillor)
104/1213 Minutes of the Previous Meeting
The minutes of the previous meeting held on Monday 17th September 2012, having already been circulated were accepted and approved. Proposed by Mr J O’Mara Seconded Mr D Macdonald. 
105/1213 Matters Arising
106/1213 Open Session
Mr W Smith addressed the meeting on the new Rural Infra Structure project explaining how the project came about, starting with a problem about flooding and has grown to encompass rural affairs including broadband, transport, roads etc. This is the only one in Essex so they do not have another one to copy. They want to play a leadership role identifying problems and pulling interested parties together to try and broker a solution. He was not sure whether there would be budget. There is a questionnaire involved and he hoped these would be filled in and returned. The questionnaire will soon appear on the web site and the timescale will end soon. He had had replies from both parish and town councils so it was not restricted to areas only classed as rural. The chairman thanked him for coming and explaining this project. 
Police. September’s months’ figures had already been circulated. There had been 6 crimes in Lawford with the majority on Lawford Dale. The police are addressing that issue with extra patrols and the possibility of plain-clothes operations. There had been 2 arrests in regard to the thefts from the Co-op. There had been reports of mud and stone throwing on the A120 between Elmstead Market and Wix and this proving difficult to police. The chairman thanked them for coming.  
District Council. The executive leader of Tendring had been resigned and Mr P Halliday and been elected as The Conservative group leader. The new system for the collection of recycling and waste had produced in a drop of tonnage going to land fill and the collection of waste paper had increased by 25tonnes per week. The waste food system had produced 45 tons per week being converted into fertiliser, and the phone calls regarding this new system have dropped to an average in the region of 100 per week. The cash offices have closed leaving just Pier Avenue remaining open. District Council bills can be paid at the post office as well as pay point. There will be a programme of activities at Manningtree Sports Centre. There will be a survey of crime and disorder in Tendring with the survey being sent to 4000 households randomly. The Councils Planning Committee confirmed article 4 relating to the “Fence” at Mistley Quay. 
1 Member of the public raised the following problems: The speed of the coaches leaving the High School when using Waldegrave Way is causing concern. They will speak to the PCSO’s regarding this matter. They also raised the subject of poor parking outside the schools and the use of CCTV to identify culprits this subject has not been raised at any council meeting. They requested a copy of the Foundry Court report issued to councillors and they were given a copy.
1 member of the public spoke about the Business Chamber plans regarding the Christmas event being held on 7th December, explaining which stalls and entertainment had been booked saying that although the stalls came free the entertainers required paying. The chamber was taking on a project of promoting Manningtree with tourist boards locally and aboard. They are producing a brochure extolling the virtues of Manningtree and trying to encourage visitors to the area. 
1 member of the public gave the council a copy of the vehicle show accounts and an application to hold another show next year.
107/1213 Finance
a) Direct Debit
EON Energy(Street lights unmetered supply)£264.89
BT(Office communications broadband etc)£57.93
Ogilvie Hall(Office Rent)£300.00
b) The following items of expenditure were approved and cheques signed
Salaries and Wages  £1399.76
Inland Revenue£324.83
D Hitchcock(Expenses)£54.26
D Thurlow(Expenses)£74.78
Landscape Services(Grass Cutting)£1860.00
RNLI(Jubilee Charity Grant)£300.00
St Johns Ambulance(Jubilee Charity Grant)£300.00
Great Ormond Street(Jubilee Charity Grant)£300.00
Lawford Church PCC(Grant)£1300.00
Ogilvie Hall(Room Rent)£50.90
Viking(Office bits)£86.89
A Coley(Travel Expenses)£45.00
B Rolfe(Travel Expenses)£40.95
Proposed by Mr D Macdonald Seconded by Mr J O’Mara
c) Grants and Affiliations.  
Royal British Legion (poppy wreath) it was decided to give a grant of £100.00 and make it an annual grant given this time of year.
Manningtree Business Chamber, it was decided to discuss this request at the next Finance Committee meeting
Methodist Church Manningtree, it was decided to discuss this request at the next Finance Committee meeting
Brantham Bonfire It was decided to give a grant of £100.00 towards this event.
108/1213 Planning
a) Planning Applications
12/00982/FUL, Ms E Driver, Proposed rooflight and dormer window to side elevation in connection with proposed loft conversion, Canters Wignall Street Lawford. Decision. Objection
a)Please refer to all comments on original planning application 03/00891/FUL and condition 02 of Schedule 2 of the original granting of permission form.
b)House is dominant within the development. Lawford Parish Council had concerns regarding the finished building compared to the actual original plans.
c)This application would encroach on the privacy of neighbouring properties in one of the oldest parts of Lawford. It will exasperate how out of place this dwelling was in the first place.
d)The comments of the neighbouring properties must be taken into consideration.
e)It has 3 bedrooms already this could lead to another 2 bedrooms thereby making it a 5-bedroom property much to large for the site.
f)An increase in the number of bedrooms could lead to an increase in vehicles at this site. The access onto the A137 (Wignall street) is dangerous.
g)This is in a conservation area.
b) The planning decisions of Tendring District Council were noted.
109/1213 Joint Neighbourhood Plan & Community Land Trusts
No further information available it was decide to remove this from future agendas.
110/1213 Highways
Replies had been received from Essex County Council and our MP regarding problems on Coxs Hill, these letters appeared to contradict each other. Mrs L Pallett will phone them up to complain and clarify matters.
The hedge at the bottom of Colchester Road is still causing problems 
A committee meeting to be held on 12th November at 7.00pm
111/1213 Amenities.
The working group had met at School Lane along with a local play area specialist to discuss the long-term plans for the site. It was decided the best plans would be to group the play equipment at one part of the field and turn the tennis courts into a MUGA. The container has been removed.
Will write to Geoff Cone congratulating him on the groundsman award he has received with regard to the football pitches he maintains at School Lane. 
A meeting to be held on 12th November at 8.00pm
112/1213 PCSO’s 
The latest liaison meeting has had to be cancelled due to the unavailability of the local sergeant. The last meeting of this type was held in June and we should meet every two months it was decided to write to the divisional commander bringing to his attention that this is happening.
113/1213 Tesco
No further updates.
114/1213 Jubilee
The cheques to the supported charities have now been sent so it was time to sign off the accounts.
115/1213 Foundry Court
The summary of last month’s presentation had been circulated. Tightening up of security is needed especially if the centre is used more. It needs someone who is responsible for security to keep a check on these matters.
116/1213 3 Parishes Trust
The exceptional General Meeting had been held and it was voted to attain charitable statue passed by a majority vote.
117/1213 Office Refurbishment.
Still in progress. The letterbox has been fixed and quotes for decorating, light fitting obtained.
118/1213 Rural Infrastructure.
Covered in open session.
119/1213 Meetings attended by councillors
Mr B Rolfe had attended the Larger councils forum which he felt was becoming more interesting and worth attending especially talking to other councils of a similar size.
Mr A Coley had attended the EALC AGM which he found informative and wondered if we should enter the competitions that are held at the same time. 
There has not been much coverage of the forth coming election, whereas in Suffolk it is being well publicised. Probus had had one of the independent candidates speak at one of there meetings.