OCTOBER MINUTES                           

Minutes of the Lawford Parish Council meeting held on 19 October 2015 at 7.15pm in the Wignall Room, Ogilvie Hall, Wignall Street, Lawford, CO11 2JG.


Councillor Mr David Ashley, Chairman.

Councillors Mrs J Goodchild, , Mr B Rolfe, Mr J O’Mara, Mrs S Brown, Miss V Pretty, Mrs J Langstone,

Also in attendance:

Clerk: Mrs P Peachey

No members of the public


Councillors Mr G Payne, Mr A Baker, Mrs V Guglielmi, Mr C Guglielmi, Mr A Coley, Mr P Peacock, Mrs J Collier, Mr D Elkin


72/1516 Minutes of the Previous Meeting:

Minutes of the previous meeting, held on Monday 21 September 2015 having previously been circulated, were accepted as a true record.

Proposed Councillor Pretty, Seconded Councillor Goodchild, agreed by all those present at the meeting and signed by the Chairman.

Actions from the previous meeting

Clerk’s report:

  • Railway bridge fallen tree – Reported
  • Cheque payments - Posted
  • Grants – Letters sent to recipients
  • Letter to Carpet Bowls Club - Letter posted
  • School Lane Tree - Instruction given to plant tree
  • VAS sign email -  Email sent
  • Riverview Asset Transfer - Taken to Amenities Committee for consideration
  • Wignall street path - Highways agreed on 25 September 2015 that the bank should be cut back
  • Letter to Mr Thurlow thanking him for installing benches and bins – Letter posted
  • Playing field award – Awaiting confirmation of award
  • New councillor course – Date and modules agreed, Manningtree and Mistley Council’s advised

73/1516 Declaration of Interest:

Councillor Ashley   75/1516 Finance and 76/1516 Planning/Lawford House Enterprise Trust

74/1516 Public Voice:

No members of the public present

District Councillors Report:

  • Potential changes in Local Government, transferring powers down from Central to Local Government
  • TDC Licensing Committee invites residents to share their views on the way licensed premises are required to operate.  The consultation is available to view or download at www.tendringdc.gov.uk
  • The works, South Strand, Lawford  - TDC has agreed to sell industrial land to the current tenant
    • Schoolchildren attending the school Pantomime at Clacton’s Princess Theatre will receive a pre-loved book from Tendring in a drive to encourage them to read

County Councillors Report:

  • Sounds of Essex 2015 to be captured for permanent preservation in the Essex Record Office
  • ECC are preparing for winter, stocking up on Salt, servicing Gritters and planning key routes
  • Landowners responsible for trees with branches overhanging pavements are asked to check and cut back in preparation for winter storms.
  • Applications for Property Level Protection (PLP) Grants of up to £5,000.00 to protect properties against surface water, can be made by individual homeowners via the ECC Website
  • Technology to offer free Webcasts of Council meetings to the public, was showcased at the recent AGM of the Essex Association of Local Councils

Action Public Contact Meeting

Police Figures:

The Police report was circulated.

75/1516 Finance

Direct Debits



E-on Energy

Street Lights – Unmetered Supply

£   337.63


Office Communications

£     89.90

Ogilvie Hall

Monthly Rent for the Parish Office

£   300.00

E-on Energy

Tennis Courts

£       9.48  


Items of Expenditure to be approved

and cheques signed by Councillors



Monthly Salaries and Wages

Staff payments

£  816.35

Inland Revenue


£  178.00

Landscape Services

Grass Cutting Playing Fields and Verges


D Childs

Handyman duties

£  283.50


Election expenses

£    75.00

Tendring History Recorders


£  100.00

Essex Air Ambulance


£  500.00

Evergreen Office Supplies

Filing Cabinet/Shredder/1 ream A3

£   227.96 


Social Media course - Clerk

£     47.00

Bruce Landscapes

Repair Wetpore School Lane

£   192.00

Pat Peachey

Networking day SLCC

£       7.50

Pat Peachey

Travel Expenses

£     33.45

Ogilvie Hall

Room Hire 9/7/15-21/09/15

£     87.05

Braiswick Photographic

ID for Clerk & Handymen

£     21.60

Dave Ashley

Chairman’s Training Course petrol/parking

£     37.70

Lawford PCC

Grant for maintenance of Churchyard


Royal British Legion

Grant for wreaths

£   100.00

Proposed Councillor O’Mara, Seconded Councillor Brown, Agreed

Action – Clerk to post cheques

Grant applications

There were no applications

Affiliation Subscriptions

There were no affiliations

76/1516 Planning:

Copies of new Planning Applications received are available for inspection at the meeting

a)      The full Parish Council will consider the recommendations from the Planning Sub-committee. These will include: 


Mr and Mrs D Sinclair

Front and rear extensions to existing dwelling.

24 Stourdale Close Lawford




Mr and Mrs A Smith


First floor rear extension.

10 Wignall Street Lawford




Mr Peter Bell - Solanum Rigg Ltd


Installation of ground mounted solar PV panels.

89 Hungerdown Lane Lawford 



Mrs Jo Frances


Conversion of integral double garage to living area.

57 Gainsborough Drive Lawford 



Mr and Mrs Giddings


Proposed boundary wall

Grange Farm Grange Road Lawford



Mr Miles Wilson


Tree (unknown species) - reduce by 1/3 and remove overhanging growth from the wall and path.

9 Lawford Place Lawford 



J F Tree Specialist Ltd - Mr J Fryer


T2, T3 - Limes - reduce in height by 7 metres

19 Parrington Way Lawford 


b)     The full Parish Council will note the Planning Decisions made by Tendring District Council since the last meeting. These will include: 


Approval - Full


Delegated Decision

Mr Roger Varnals

Rear and side single storey extension

25 Lydgate Close




Approval - Full


Delegated Decision


J F Tree Specialist Ltd - Mr J Fryer

T2, T3 - Limes - reduce in height by approximately 5m

19 Parrington Way




Approval - Full


Delegated Decision

Miss Abby Sargent

Erection of block build garden shed following demolition of existing shed & green house (retrospective).

81 Colchester Road




Approval - Full


Delegated Decision

Mr J Willis

Erection of store building for agricultural purposes

77 Hungerdown Lane



a)      Appeals - None.

b)      Lawford Green Development – Nothing to report

77/1516 Highways:

Minutes of the meeting held 12 October 2015 had been circulated

  • Minutes of the meeting held 1 September 2015 were discussed, but could not be agreed as there were insufficient Councillors in attendance.
  • Request for a School Sign at Bromley Road has been resubmitted
  • Parking Restrictions officially lifted for Bank Holiday’s on Lawford Dale
  • Yellow Lines have been repainted on Lawford Dale
  • Roundels and VAS sign – communication broken down with ECC, letter and email sent. 
  • Station Road Parking, TDC approved scheme no 27, approved 12 March 2015, due to come in force end October 2015. 
  • Lorry Ban – advised by ECC still in force but cannot police due to lack of resource, passed to Cllr Guglielmi
  • Winter salt – notices placed on noticeboards advising residents Salt is available from Valley Garden Supplies
  • Bus survey – email advised views of public wanted not the Council
  • Bus shelters approved for Hungerdown Lane and Garden City

78/1516 Amenities:

Minutes of the meeting held 12 October 2015 had been circulated

  • Minutes of the meeting held 24 August 2015 were discussed, but could not be agreed as there were insufficient Councillors in attendance.
  • School Lane Pavilion completed and paid up.
  • Riverview benches in place.
  • Bins at Riverview / grass cutting on Lawford Dale – bins now emptied grass has been cut.
  • Asset Transfer – on-going.
  • Playing field award – awaiting response advising what award has been won
  • Recycling facility – complaint received about people chatting and children running around. Letter has been sent to ECC.

 79/1516 Personnel Committee:

 No meeting held since last Full Council Meeting.

  • Clerk’s three month review took place

 80/1516 Public Contact:

 No meeting held since last Full Council Meeting. 

  • Notice boards – headers for boards not delivered, clerk is dealing with this.
  • Existing notice boards in poor repair to be reviewed
  • Meeting proposed for 2 November 2015

 81/1516 Tesco/Station Road site:

 No further information

 82/1516 Training:

   Chairman Training Feedback:

  • Meetings - move Amenities/Highways, Finance/Personnel to 1st Monday of the month. Enables minutes to be written up and the resulting actions to go on main meeting agenda.
  • Agendas to be updated – Chairman to work with Clerk
  • Parish Assembly – create a community event around the AGM, inviting groups to have stalls etc

Action Public Contact Committee

  • Local Council Awards – review when Parish Assembly organisation is underway
  • Rules of engagement – expectations of public attending meetings  

Action Public Contact Committee

  • Standing Orders – locate LPC’s and EALC guidance

Action Clerk

  • Standing Orders - to be reviewed

Action Public Contact Committee

  • Other issues arising from training – to be discussed with clerk for clarification

83/1516 Other Meetings Attended by Councillors:

None attended

There being no further business the meeting ended at 8.13pm        










Minutes of the Lawford Parish Council meeting held on 21 September 2015 at 7.15pm in the Wignall Room, Ogilvie Hall, Wignall Street, Lawford, CO11 2JG.


Councillor Mr David Ashley, Chairman
Councillors Mrs J Goodchild, Mr G Payne, Mr B Rolf, Mr J O’Mara, Mr A Baker, Mrs S Brown, Miss V Pretty, Mr P Peacock, Mr A Coley

Also in attendance:
Clerk: Mrs P Peachey
Two members of the public
Russell Cole Acting Chief Inspector

Councillors Mrs J Langstone, Mrs V Guglielmi, Mr C Guglielmi, Mrs J Collier

Not in attendance:
Councillor Mr D Elkin

60/1516 Minutes:
Minutes of the previous meeting, held on Monday 17 August 2015, were read and accepted as a true record.

Proposed: Councillor Baker, Seconded: Councillor Payne – agreed by all those present at the meeting and signed by the Chairman.

Actions points from the meeting held on 17 August 2015

The Clerk confirmed

  • Notices were placed at Lawford Dale reference Bank Holiday Parking Restrictions
  • Cheques were posted
  • Handymen appointed to resolve issues relating to nettles and overhanging branches
  • A letter was sent to TDC to advise the Council’s decision regarding the Street Lights was that the current regime should remain
  • Reported to Local Constable the Riverview Sign has been damaged again.
  • Reported smashed bottles at Riverview to local Constable
  • Carry forward the requests for Training

Arranged for the acting Chief Inspector Russ Cole to attend this meeting, (21 September 2015)

61/1516 Declarations of interest:
Councillor Ashley           63/1516 Finance and 64/1516 Planning
Councillor Coley             63/1516 Finance and 64/1516 Planning
Councillor Goodchild      63/1516 Finance
Councillor O’Mara          66/1516 Dugouts for football Club

62/1516 Open Session/Public Voice

Police Report
Russell Cole Acting Chief Inspector

The Chief Inspector focussed on three topics:

  •  The demands Essex Police are going through
  • Successes and future challenges of Essex Police
  • Landscape of Policing in Essex and Local Policing going forward

Chief Inspector Cole said the challenges facing Essex police are unprecedented. The changes taking place are greater than at any time since the Second World War. Over the last 5years Essex Police have saved over £40million and over the next 5years they are tasked with saving a further £60million. The way Essex Police work will change significantly and the result may frustrate and anger the public. Their work will be prioritised, maintaining three principles of Honesty – to be honest about what they can do and what they can deliver, Focussed on incidents and areas that present the most threat/risk to the public and to be effective in what they do, being wise and economic with how they deliver their service.

The following statistics were provided:

On average Essex Police handle per day

  • 1200 incidents
  • 600 emergencies (999 calls)
  • Record 272 crimes
  • Arrest approximately 99 people
  • Attend 25 incidents relating to mental health issues
  • 11 Road Traffic Accidents
  • 39 Breath Tests
  • 9 incidents of missing people

    Of the precept 90p in each £1 goes to resourcing police (43p per person per day of tax goes towards Essex Police)


  • Child sex exploitation
  • Immigration crime
  • Domestic Violence
  • Gang activity
  • Organised criminal enterprise
  • Cyber crime
  • Firearms

Challenges are violence, violence with less serious injury, domestic violence and the rise in Sexual offences. Whilst there is a call for more police on the beat domestic violence takes place in people’s homes and young people are most vulnerable when sitting at home on the internet.

Potential for Immigration crime –

  • 1.6million foot passengers pass through Harwich
  • 25 roll on roll off freight movement per week
  • Capacity for 300 lorries on each boat
  • In June at Harwich Port 53 people arrived in a container

As a result of these new challenhes the force need investigators with key skills.                                  

There are now 5 sergeants and 24 PC’s stationed at Harwich. Since 8 September 2015 there has been an additional 1 sergeant and 4 PC’s

Dwelling burglaries/theft from motor vehicles/safe use of road networks are important but the most significant areas where young people can be harmed (child sex exploitation/immigration crime/organised drug supply) are the Chief Inspectors Priorities.

  • Overall, statistics show crime has decreased by 20% (346 less offences)
  • Dwelling burglaries reduced by 45% (60 less offences)
  • Criminal Damage reduced 26% (83 less offences)
  • Theft from motor vehicles reduced 58% (83 less offences)
  • Anti-social behaviour reduction 7.6% over last year
  • Violence without injury increased 19% (38 more offences)
  • Sexual offences - 13 more offences over last year
  • Hate Crime has increased

Councillor Rolfe highlighted concerns about anti-social damage to play equipment and other items in the parish. If the Parish Council offered a reward for information that led to a conviction for carrying out the damage what would the Chief Inspector’s view be?

The Chief Inspector suggested a crime prevention report and gave information about an incident where a message placed on ‘Facebook’ asking for information reached thousands of young people.

Councillor Ashley highlighted the small things that frustrate and anger the public – syringes, broken glass on playing fields and vandalism, which happens on a Friday night in the play areas and a Police presence, would go a long way to resolving the issues. Retrospectively reporting the incidents is unlikely to lead to the culprits being identified.

THRIVE (Threat Harm Risk Vulnerability and Enforcement)
Once reported information is collated – if there is a hot spot other agencies will be notified and will work through opportunities to divert these activities.

Lesson - to report all incidents and not to be complacent as the crime figures produced will not be a true reflection of the incidents taking place in our Parish.

Cllr Coley asked when the review into the future of Mistley Police Station would be published.

The meeting was advised this has been put back while consultation takes place with staff.

Councillor Coley challenged the figures advising all Crimes have decreased and made the point that all recorded crimes have decreased, however people are not reporting crimes because they have lost faith in the police. Councillor Coley highlighted a recent situation where a member of the public was experiencing harassment from a group of people and reported this before 9am, but no response from the Police was received until 4pm. It was commented that the public are still paying their Tax but are becoming further distanced from normal policing.

Councillor Ashley made reference to the earlier comment that we are living in a safe area in comparison to others. Residents want to keep it that way and in 12months, because of the lack of policing, they do not want to find other crimes being committed in the area and it becoming a target for criminals.

Councillor Rolfe said PCSO’s once carried mobile phones and could be contacted when a crime was being carried out, now crimes have to be reported to 101 causing a delay in Police presence, by which time the offender is no longer at the scene.

The Chief Inspector advised that when PCSO’s carried mobile telephones their resources were constantly being called upon without the ability to prioritise, this has been centralised for better use of resources.

Councillor Peacock highlighted that it can take up to 48hrs for a Police Officer to attend a reported incident. He also made mention of an initiative when PCSO’s were placed at the Co-op in Manningtree and also at Mistley for the public to engage with them, but the PCSO was not available in either location.

The Chief Inspector advised that going forward new electronic solutions will be put in place as it is believed not to be the best use of a resource for a PCSO to be at a location waiting to see if the public wish to report a crime.

Councillor Ashley thanked the Chief Inspector for attending the meeting.

Members of the public raised the following points:


  • A member of the public provided a paper produced by Brantham Council in response to planning application B/15/00263 for 320 dwellings, asking the council to read the paper, looking at the comments included, suggesting the comments may have relevance to the Lawford Green Development.
  • A member of the public reported to the Clerk prior to the meeting, a fallen tree on the path under the railway bridge.

Action Point – Clerk to report to Network Rail

 District Councillors Report:

  • 220,000 people attended a very successful Clacton Air Show, having an enormous effect on local business and promoting the local area. Next year’s show, which will be the 25th Anniversary, is arranged for 25 and 26 august 2016.
  • Weeley Crematorium has received their second Gold Award in the Anglia in Bloom Awards, Crematorium category. Earlier in the summer the facility also won for the third time, a Green Flag Award from the Keep Britain Tidy Group.
  • Tendring again scored top marks in the RSPCA’s 2015 awards. It is the second time Tendring District Council (TDC) has achieved the top accolade for its animal welfare services, with only one other local authority across England and Wales achieving this.
  • TDC also scooped Gold for its stray dog services as well as a Bronze for Animal Welfare in connection with providing Council housing for the eighth year in succession. The Council will travel to the House of Lords later this year for a special reception. The RSPCA’s Community Animal Welfare Footprints (CAWF) Awards aim to reward and promote good practice by local authorities and housing providers in England and Wales.
  • The third Jobs and Careers fair will take place on Tuesday 13 October 2015 and is open to the public from 10.30 – 4.30pm.
  • The event, organised by Tendring District Council (TDC) and Jobcentre Plus (JCP, forms part of an ongoing partnership agreement and commitment to reduce unemployment in the District. The day is sponsored by Bookers and Lidl with further support provided by Essex County Council, Sainsbury’s and Subway. The event takes place at the Princes Theatre, Town Hall, Station Road, Clacton-on-Sea, CO15 1SE.

Further details can be obtained from: rfryer@tendringdc.gov.uk


County Councillors Report:
None submitted

Police Figures
The Police Figures obtained from the Essex Police website were queried as they did not appear to reflect actual events

Councillor Coley confirmed that having raised this with the Chief Inspector he was advised there had been an error in the collation of the figures, but going forward they will be corrected. 

63/1516 Closed Session – Finance

Direct   Debits



E-on Energy

Street Lights – Unmetered Supply

£   348.89


Office Communications

£     70.12

Ogilvie Hall

Monthly Rent for the Parish Office

£   300.00

E-on Energy

Tennis Courts

£      9.75    


Items   of Expenditure to be approved

and   cheques signed by Councillors



Monthly Salaries and Wages

Staff payments

£  1,216.67

Inland Revenue


£     347.50

Landscape Services

Grass Cutting Playing Fields and Verges

£  2,496.00

D Childs

Handyman duties

£     121.50

Ian Alston – Tree Surgeon

Removal of leaning Prunus – School Lane

£     300.00



£     636.43

A&J Lighting solutions

Repair Street lights -4-6 Milton Rd and   Cox’s Hill

£     199.80

Siemens Financial Services

Printer lease

£       78.79



£       36.00

Dave Ashley

Printer Cartridges (Chairman’s Expenses)

£       19.96

Clerk – Pat Peachey

Office Supplies (Laminator pouches/Stapler)  

£       15.97

Councillor Goodchild

Gift for Dave Thurlow (retiring Clerk)

£     100.00

Clerk – Pat Peachey

Agreed Installation of shelf to extend desk

£       28.10

Councillor Goodchild

Printer Cartridge

£       49.99


Chairman’s Course x 2 - 17 October 2015

£     160.00

Clerk – Pat Peachey

Stamps & padlocks

£       73.90

A&J Lighting Solutions

45/47 Colchester Rd

£     148.20

Councillor Coley

Hire   of Venture Centre for emerging local plan consultation

£       45.00


Installation   of bins and benches

£     296.00

Landscape Services

Grass   Cutting (received 21/09/15)

£     564.00


Items already paid   for following ‘Chairman’s decision’ during Personnel and Finance Committee   meetings



Information   Commissioners Office

Data   Protection Registration

£       35.00

Speak   IT Solutions

Dictaphone   and transcription machine

£     205.73

The Chairman clarified reasons for the ‘Chairman’s action’ and that payments were due prior to the Full Council Meeting.

  • The Information Commissioners Office registration expired on 18 September 2015 and the Council would not have been covered.
  • Payment was due for the Dictaphone and Transcription Machine.

 Proposed: Councillor Baker, Seconded: Councillor O’Mara – Agreed

Action point – Clerk to post cheques

Finance Committee

Matters Arising:

Grant Applications

  • Essex Air Ambulance, the Finance Committee recommendation to award £500
  • Tendring History Recorders, investigation showed pre 2010 they were awarded £100.

An award of £100.00 was agreed.

Action point – Clerk to write and advise both organisations of the Council’s decision.

  • Carpet Bowls Club – grant request to pay for a ‘Carpet Mover’. Information was provided with costing’s of £798.50 for a Manual Mover and £5,000 + for an Electric Mover.

Finance Committee recommendation - due to the costs involved the Council cannot contribute and it was suggested we provide them with alternative grant sources.

Agreed by Council.

Action point - Clerk will provide information about organisations offering larger grants.

There were no subscriptions or affiliations.

A quote of £190.00 + VAT has been received to replace the felled tree in School Lane with a Rowan Tree. The Finance Committee requested a second quote be obtained from Mr Simmons (Hearts Delight) who provided a quote of £39.99 for a Mountain Ash (Eastern Promise) approximately 9feet tall.

Purchase proposed, Councillor Brown, Seconded Councillor Baker - Agreed

It was requested that the Clerk acquire a quote to plant the tree.

Action point – Clerk to obtain a quote from Mr Simmons.


 64/1516 Planning

  • There is no further information in relation to the Lawford Green development
  • TDC Planning decisions received


Mr J   Willis

Erection of store   building for agricultural purposes.

77 Hungerdown Lane Lawford



Miss Abby Sargent

Erection of block build garden shed   following demolition of existing shed & green house.

81 Colchester Road Lawford




J F Tree Specialist Ltd

Mr J Fryer

T2, T3 - Limes - reduce in height by   approximately 5m

19 Parrington Way Lawford

 Noted below - Planning decisions made by Tendring District Council since the last Parish Meeting


Approval   - Listed Building Consent


Delegated Decision

Mr G Rothwell

Garage and alterations

The Kings Arms

Wignall Street




Approval - Full


Delegated Decision

Mr G Rothwell


Garage and alterations

The Kings Arms

Wignall Street




Approval - Full


Delegated Decision

Rose Builders –

Mr Steven Rose

Construction of a floodlit multi use games area and extension of   school playing field.

Manningtree   High School, Colchester Road, Lawford


Approval - Full


Delegated Decision

Mr and Mrs Kemp

Single storey front extension.

34   Hunter Drive, Lawford



Approval - Full


Delegated Decision

Mr Hudson

Retention of existing storage barn.



Hungerdown Lane





Lawful Use   Certificate Granted


Delegated   Decision

Mr R   Hudson

1) Use of   Bull Shed as C3 dwelling house.

2)   Construction of Pool Room and annexe

     building ancillary to the dwelling   house

     known as Glanfields.

3)   Construction of swimming pool ancillary

   to the dwelling house known as


4)   Erection of stables.


Hungerdown   Lane




Approval -   Full


Delegated   Decision

Mr &   Mrs Terry Cookson

Single   storey side extension and construction of new vehicular access.

166 Long   Road




Lawful Use   Certificate Granted


Delegated   Decision

Mr D   Freeman

Dormer   window to rear and velux windows to the front.

29   Munnings Way




HHPN - Prior Approval   Not Required


Delegated Decision

Stour Valley Design

Single storey rear extension to replace existing   conservatory - 4m Depth and 2.345m Height.

14 Linden Close




Approval - Full


Delegated Decision

Mr Lewis Symes


Two storey side and rear extension.


19 Gainsborough Drive




Approval - Full


Delegated Decision

Mr David Gray

Two storey rear & side extension with   alterations

51 School Lane



65/1516 Highways

Matters arising:

Despite Councillor C Guglielmi vigorously chasing a response in relation to the Roundels and Vehicle Activated Signs for Cox’s Hill, there has been no response from Essex County Council.

Noting the length of time the Parish Council has waited for a response from Essex County Council it was suggested an email be sent giving notice that if a response is not received in 14 days the council will purchase and erect the signs.

Action point – Clerk to send email.

  • All storm drains on Leftleys have now been inspected and results passed to the Clerk
  • A letter has been received from Sonia Davidson-Grant, ECC’s Executive Director responsible for Highways regarding traffic levels, Lorry signage and Lorries using local roads. The letter did not provide a solution and this will be revisited by the Highways Committee.

66/1516 Amenities

  • Riverview Asset Transfer request has been refused stating it does not meet Tendring District Council’s criteria. The offer is a 30year lease beginning 25 August 2015, with an annual rent of £250 per year. This is a significant increase on the present rent. Conditions of the agreement are that Lawford Parish Council fund and maintain play equipment and make provision to provide fitness equipment for the elderly.

It was noted the application for Asset Transfer has been with Tendring District Council for approximately a year and during that time there has been no contact from TDC to discuss the Criteria the application should have met.
The rent has increased ‘four fold’ with the Parish Council bearing the cost of the maintenance of both equipment and grounds and to also install additional equipment.

Councillor Coley would be interested to know the cost to TDC to maintain the site and equipment in the manner specified in the contract. 

Chairman will not sign the agreement at this stage. Chairman proposed this be discussed in full at the next Amenities Committee meeting, when a letter will be formulated querying TDC’s Criteria.

   Action point - Clerk to access TDC website and obtain information relating to the

reasons for the decision made.

  • Approved by Amenities Committee - Dugouts at School Lane Playing fields - Councillor O’Mara gave a description of the proposed brick built dugouts required to replace the portable one’s that are no longer serviceable. There will be no cost for materials as these were left by the builders of the Club House. Planning permission will not be required as these are replacements for existing.

Approved by Council.

  • Dog Fouling – this continues to be an issue despite signs being placed around the playing fields. It was highlighted CCTV is in operation at the Club House and this will now be monitored in an attempt to catch the culprit(s).
  • Damaged Dog bin at School Lane – this has been reported to TDC for replacing.
  • Wignall Street – narrowing of the path has previously been reported to Highways. However, there has been a further incident when a tree was ‘clipped’ by a passing Lorry bringing branches down both in the road and a resident’s garden.

Action point – Clerk to chase Highways ref the original report and also to advise regarding the tree(s).

  • The new benches were installed at Riverview by Mr Thurlow, the retired Clerk. Since retiring Mr Thurlow has also assisted with the installation of the refuse bins. Mr Thurlow has been instrumental in seeing projects through since his retirement and Councillor Goodchild requested a letter of thanks be sent to him.

Action point – Clerk to send a letter of thanks to Mr Thurlow .

  • The Council has received a letter from the Essex Playing Fields Association advising it has won a Best Kept Playing Field award. The Parish Council have been asked to send a representative to the AGM being held in Chelmsford on Thursday 15 October 2015 to collect the award. The letter does not specify which playing field has won the award.

Action point – Clerk to contact the association to establish which field has won the award.


67/1516 Personnel Committee

  • Productive meeting was held with the Aaron Gray, one of the Handymen (unfortunately Mr David Childs, the second Handyman, had a previous engagement and could not attend). It was felt the new process and communication with the Clerk was working well.
  • Clerk had highlighted a Social Media Course that it was thought would be beneficial as the Parish Council embark on various projects within this field.

Attendance was approved by Council

  • Additional items requested to complete the office refurbishment:

     1) Shelf (falls within the agreed £400)
     2) Filing Cabinet
     3) Shredder
     4) Dictaphone and Transcription machine (paid for under ‘Chairman’s Actions’.

     To purchase these items a further budget of £425.30 (£354.42 + £70.88 VAT) is required.

Additional Budget was approved by Council

  • Impersonation Fraud - the Clerk will put together a pack giving Councillors information on ways to protect against Impersonation Fraud.

 68/1516 Public Contact

The Public Contact meeting did not take place and a meeting will be arranged for a later date.

69/1516 Tesco Site

The deadline has passed for a decision, but no information has been received.

70/1516 Training


  • Councillors Ashley and Goodchild will be attending the Chairman’s Course on 17 October 2015.
  • Due to the length of time taken to receive feedback about Councillors availability for a local ‘New Councillor’ Course the Clerk has been advised these are booked up into the New Year. Councillor Ashley requested the Clerk contact EALC, arranging a date in February/March 2016 and liaises with the Mistley and Manningtree Clerks.

Action point – Clerk to contact EALC to arrange a date for the course

71/1516 Other Meetings attended by Councillors

  • Local Plan Exhibition – 47 people attended the local meeting and      just over 600 people attended in the Tendring Area.
  • Mistley Place Park Exhibition – it was      reported some 120 people attended the exibition and reportedly the feedbsck was positive.                                                                                                                                         

There being no further business the meeting ended at 9.03pm