Proposed Changes to Permitted Parking Areas - Warwick Road/Clarendon Road and Honey Road.

North Essex Parking Partnership (NEPP) have published proposals for changes in the permitted parking areas on these roads. A copy of the Documents are included under Parking Priors Green. Copies of the proposal are also displayed on the Warwich Road notice board and attached to lamp posts in both Warwich and Honey Road.

Come and join Little Canfield Parish Council and help shape the future of the village you live in

A vacancy has arisen for a Parish Councillor to join the eight existing mebers of the Council to give us a full complement. The role of a Parish Councillor is both rewarding and interesting and will enable you to have an input into the future of your village. For any concerns about the commitment required, the Parish Council meets 11 times per annum normally on the first Monday of the month. There are always opportunities for those interested in getting involved in particuar issues or projects. Further information can be obtained from either  or any of the Parish Councillors who will be pleased to answer your questions.

Looking for Job that brings you in contact with the issues that affect the local environment. - Little Canfield Pariish Council has a vacancy for a Part Time Parish Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer with effect from 01 April 2018. 

The responsibilities of the position will include:

  • Servicing all Parish Council Meeting including preparing agendas, minutes and supporting papers;advising councillors on matters relating to Council business;
  • Ensuring that they are up to date with changes in legislation,
  • advising the Council of the impact on the Organisation
  • Preparing and receiving correspondence on behalf of the Council;
  • Responding to specific requests from the Council;
  • Handling questions and queries from members of the public;
  • Maintaining the Councils Web Site in accordance with Legislative and Council requirements
  • Monitoring and reporting to the Council on planning decisions and issues; and Financial management, including regular monitoring and reconciling the Council’s budget and accounts, and the preparation of records for audit purposes, receiving and reporting on invoices for goods and services to be paid by the Council, and handling the HMRC VAT and payroll related returns).
  • Preparation of the Annual Final Accounts in accordance with the audit requirements for a small parish.

  Candidates should be able to demonstrate: 

  • Administrative and financial management experience and familiarity with MS Office programs and their device management/operations.
  • Experience of local government, or similar working environment with a diverse range of people including the general public.
  • Highly effective interpersonal skills and fluency in both spoken and written English.
  • A sound understanding of the need for effective communication and follow up on issues, including record keeping of work done.
  • The ability to work to an agreed timetable.
  • The ability to take responsibility for management of the Council`s financial affairs, as directed by the Council. 

The post is part-time and the successful candidate will be required to work for 35 hours a month in a flexible manner in consultation with the Council’s needs and an expectation of reasonable response times to public queries. 

The salary will be based on the National Scales agreed between NALC and SLCC according to experience and qualifications. The post will be homeā€based with that address as the mailing address for Council matters. Applications from existing part time Parish Council clerks, wishing to increase their working hours, will be very welcome. 

Appropriate training will be available through the Essex Association of Local Councils. There is an expectation that the Clerk will be self-motivated to undertake the training available and then work towards gaining the Certificate in Local Council Administration. 

To apply for this post, please send your CV and a covering letter advising how you meet the criteria above, to Closing date for applications: Friday 16 March 2018. 

If you wish any additional information regarding the post, please contact the Chairman, Iain Chadwick and provide your preferred contact details. 

Iain Chadwick 

Chairman, Little Canfield Parish Council






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