Fibre Broadband

At long last we now know that Margaret Roding will be included in Pase 3 of the Superfast Essex rolloiut. We will be getting "Fibre To the Premises" provided by Gigaclear. This does not use the copper telephone wires at all and residents will have a choice of speeds from 50mbps (ample for most purposes including things like Netflix and video calling with one or two users) up to 1000mbps - ample for business uses and more than enough for large families all trying to do demanding things online at the same time. 

We come under the Roundbush Green area and service is scheduled to become available between the first and third quarters of 2019 - probably September 2019.

Moving to fibre broadband will not happen automatically. There well be setup costs and running costs but on the other hand you will be able to drop your existing broadband service and perhaps your landline telephone as well, so there are savings to set against the costs. 


More about this as the details beome clear.