Emergency & Assistance

Parish Councils are required to have an Emergency Plan to help cope with a major incident in our area.

People may have smaller problems where the Parish Council can help with local knowledge or in other ways.


Lee Cooper and Chris Turner are Margaret Roding Parish Council's Emergency Co-ordinators. Please contact Lee on 07794 575694 or Chris on 0783666 267068 if you have concerns in this area.




Margaret Roding were asked by the District Council to provide information about what could we do if there was an emergency within our Parish.

An emergency could be a number of things such as an airplane crash, a major vehicle crash, or severe weather conditions. These are just a few of the things that spring immediately to mind.

We have found somewhere for displaced residents, to ensure their good health, especially the elderly or vulnerable.

We have also listed equipment owned by residents that may be of use in such an emergency, such as cutting and lifting equipment. If any of our residents have such things which may be of use, then please let our chairman know (portable generators are always welcome).

Other useful things would be knowledge of First Aid and any foreign languages so if you have either of these skills please let us know.

Obviously the first port of call in any emergency is 999. The district council will be advised and they will get in touch with the Parish chairman Lee Cooper to assist the emergency services wherever possible using the information we hold within the plan.

The Margaret Roding Emergency Plan is here: http://www.essexinfo.net/margaretroding/assets/documents/emergency-plan