A1060 Floods June 2016

The evening of 12 June 2016 gave us an hour or so of exceptionally heavy rain and flash flooding on the A1060 between the Marks Hall Lane Junction and the church. Vehicles going one way had no warning of the flood because of the bend, and vehicles going the other way were forced across the road by the depth of water - a recipe for trouble. 

Two Parish Councillors living nearby and some others braved the rain to warn approaching traffic (some cars driving far too fast for the conditions, of course!) and to help people who broke down in the middle of the flood.

The photos below were taken in very difficult conditions, and they've been lightened to appear less dark than the conditions really were:

The Councillors also took the decision to call out the emergency services (fire brigade) to clear the gullies and get the drains working properly to lower the water level. We'll be pushing to get the drains here inspected and cleaned more frequently in future.