Litter heroes and heroines

Unfortunately we do get litter particularly along the A1060, most of it kindly donated to the village by people passing through. Council collections will never be frequent enough to clear the problem and of course litter always attracts more litter. We are very grateful to the residents who give up their time to clear up around their own properties and further afield. If we all did our best to deal with large bits of litter as soon as possible after they are dumped it would help to keep the village looking at its best.


One resident and a neighbour have reported doing 9 hours of litter collecting each, westward from the Four Wantz and along the Ongar Road, resulting in 13 sacks of litter! Heroes indeed.


Here's just one load another resident collected from a couple of hundred yards of the A1060 east of the Four Wantz crossroads:


 black bag of litter


Another hero (heroine, in fact)!


The Parish Council also organises clean-ups from time to time. All the necessary equipment is provided, and you never know what you might find. Once we found a notebook computer (not in working order, sadly).


 Volunteer litter-picking team ready to go!


litter pick