The long-standing issue of flooding in Marks Hall Lane

We want to build up a picture of the problem by collecting as much information as we can through the winter of 2014-15. The plan is to produce a file of evidence that will help to get some action and a permanent solution.


Update April 2015: We didn't get a lot of rain and there was no serious flooding, just a couple of times when the road was awash from The Gossetts for a hundred yards or so towards The Reid Rooms. So the project will have to continue for longer...


Update December 2015: Still no significant flooding despite rather wetter conditions. Perhaps the work done on the drainage system has been more effective this time. We continue to keep an eye on the situation and will resume the "evidence collection" process if necessary.



These documents are for the use of all Marks Hall Lane residents:

Note to residents

Questions for residents

Flood Report form