Road Incidents 2019

This year we got through the winter and into May before the first reported incident on Margaret Roding roads. This car went off the road at 8:30 in the usual "black spot" place on the A1060 near the bend by the church. It narrowly missed a telegraph pole. We understand that the driver got out with help from a local resident and escaped any serious injury. The road was wet after heavy rain, which may have contributed to loss of control.



An hour or so later there was a more serious two-vehicle crash requiring three ambulances at the bottom of the hill leading into Boyton Cross, a few miles towards Chelmsford. So take extra care on wet roads, especially after a dry spell.


This one was on the morning of May 15th:




There seems to have been a fairly low-speed collision with a tree. No information about how it happened or injuries etc.. We've also heard of an incident involving a motorbike on the Leaden Roding roundabout...