Road incidents 2016

This car went off the road and into the ditch near the church 13/02/16:


We're not quite sure what happened here on 11/03/16:


If you know anything about this, please let us know!


There were two incidents close together on 10/05/16. This is the first one, where a car spun off the road into a car parked on a resident's drive:

Here's a wider shot of the damage:


This was the second one, on that nasty bend by the church. Maybe a rainy morning on a greasy oily road played a part in both...


 This one happened on Referendum Day, 23/06/16. Amazingly, no-one was badly injured:



This driver lost control and ran off the road on 17/10/16. We don't know why...


On 12/12/16, this car spun off the road - just going too fast, as far as we know. Driver unhurt, but probably lucky she hit that tree with the back end of the car not the front...