At a meeting of fhe Parish Council on 10 April 2017 it was resolved that the Parish Council would work towards achieving the following Aims and Objectives:-

Parish Council Aims & Objectives – Period 1April 2017 to 31 March 2018

The implementation of the Aims & Objectives is supported by an Action Plan which is updated based on progress periodically.  Click here to view the Action Plan 

Over-riding principle – The Council and all its staff should seek in all they do to show benefit to the community it serves

Parish Premises Committee 1.     To continue to increase the use of Parish premises and ensure demonstrable community benefit from the use.  

  1.      To initiate a planned maintenance and investment programme for Parish premises. 
  2.      Move the Hall Hire closer to break even against costs by reviewing and maximising existing Hall Hire income streams and proactively seeking new Hall Hires. 
  3.      Complete a HSE review and risk assessments.  

Planning Committee 

  1.      Interact with CBC’s evolving Local Plan to benefit Marks Tey.
  2.      Improve the quality of responses to all planning applications within required timescales and taking in to account the impact on the community.  
  3.      Maintain control and momentum of the Neighbourhood Plan 
  4.     Ensure that grant funding for the Neighbourhood Plan is sought wherever possible

Staffing & Establishment Committee

  • To improve communications with Marks Tey residents by:
    • Developing a MTPC communications policy.
    • Working towards the development of the use of interactive social media by the Parish Council to improve communications with residents.
    • Developing a network of volunteers to act as street reps to ensure the efficient delivery of information leaflets
  • To support and develop the new staff team to work effectively by ensuring that all appraisals are undertaken to identify support and training needs, and policies and procedures monitored to ensure that they are current.
  • To ensure that the Committee structure is working effectively and sustainably to support the smooth running of the Parish Council.

 Council Funding 

To investigate all available grants and funding sources and

  1.   Prepare a list of projects benefitting the community for which funding might be sought and
  2.   As far as practically possible compose a diary of grant submission dates to enable efficient current and future year’s applications

Community Engagement – deliver / organise a minimum of 2 community events over the12 month period to 31 March 2018

Newsletters -Issue 4 Newsletters per annum with full circulation within the Parish

Council members - Take steps to ensure that all 11 Councillors positions are filled, maintained and supported and any May election process properly undertaken.

Local Council Awards – obtain Foundation status


  1.   To seek improvement of road and footpath surfaces and improvement in footpath width.
  2.   To raise the profile for Marks Tey in relation to parking, the A12 and A120
  3.   To identify, co-ordinate, and represent residents transport concerns so as to reduce the disruptive effect of the A120 and A12 on the village.


Approved at Full Council meeting 10 April 2017 minute ref 2017/093