Considerate Community
The new (slightly wider and smoother) A120 footways, increasingly busy roads, and pressure from station parking impose strains and impositions on us all from cyclists and parking on footpaths, getting out onto the main roads, dealing with overgrowing hedges, and parking in front of your drive, or on corners and by junctions. The Parish Council has few powers to control this, but often have issues referred to us, but it can ask all of us to ensure that we are considerate to others. We have consulted the local Police and the North Essex Parking Partnership (NEPP) on these issues:
Considerate Hedges
You need your neighbours permission to plant a hedge actually on your boundary (rather than a few feet on your side) and your neighbour has the right to cut it back to the boundary line. Generally a complaint (through the Borough Council) can be made about a hedge more than 2m high. Unruly hedges can cause a lot of difficulties particularly were a neighbouring footpaths are narrow.
Considerate Parking
Please leave the access to premises clear and do not spoil the amenity of premises. Also beware of leaving visability problems around corners or a junctions. NEPP have parking wardens who can be contacted on 01206 282316 about obstructions or aggressive/persistent parking and they can issue tickets. They say that they are busy and can’t always attend but will usually respond to 1 in 4 calls. Also remember that the speed camera on the A120 by the Red Lion still works. It doesn’t always have a camera in it (like all Essex speed cameras) but a number of villagers have been caught.
Considerate Access
If you are using the main road please let people out of side roads or properties. You would appreciate people doing this for you, it will slow the traffic down through the village and you will catch up in seconds. The A120 is not a Clearway were stopping/waiting is not allowed but police can take action if stopping constitutes an obstruction.
Considerate Footpaths Use
Parking and cycling on the footway is illegal. Parking damages the footway and can be difficult for prams and pushchair to get round. Police say that they would be unlikely to prosecute cycling on the footpath along the A120 (as it is so busy and dangerous on the road) but if you do cycle on the footpath please stop and give way to pedestrians – they have right of way.

If there are persistent problems or you don’t get responses from the authorities please inform the Parish Council and/or your Borough of County Councillor, we may be able to exert pressure but you will have to have taken action first.