Greensward sign300Welcome to Panfield

A small residential village located high on the west bank of the ‘Pant Valley’, 3 miles northwest of the ancient town of Braintree in the county of Essex. Panfield almost certainly derives its name from the Saxon ‘Panfelda‘ meaning: “open country on the banks of the river Pant”, and is believed to have been settled by the Saxons between the 5th and 10th centuries. The first known reference to Panfield is in the Doomsday Book of 1086.

Panfield has a mixture of housing from the very early (Panfield Hall) to 20th century rural housing, bungalows and cottages, through to some modern small-scale developments.

The Bell Public House has stood in the village since the 1400s, and the church of St Mary and St Christopher, although having its origins in the 5th century; the building that is seen today is 15th century, with walls of flint, pebble-rubble, and ironstone.

The population of about 841 (2011 Census) has fluctuated little for a number of years reflecting the slow growth encouraged by the Village Design Statement drawn up by residents in 2014, laying down the vision to retain Panfield’s special character and providing guidance to manage change, and improve the qualities of the village as a small residential rural community.

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