Panfield is lucky enough to have its very own agent living within the village.Chivonne Claydon, Community Agent

Chivonne Claydon - tel: 07540 720603, email: 

How can a Community Agent help?

Working as a well equipped team the agents offer free confidential personal advice and a link to many services such as:

  • Home adaptations and equipment to make your life easier and safer
  • Home security, fire safety checks and smoke alarm fitting
  • Housing and getting jobs done around the home and garden
  • Healthy living advice and activities such as fitness, weight loss or smoking cessation
  • Making sure you are receiving the correct benefits or pension
  • Information about all forms of travel and access to community transport
  • Support opportunities for your family or carers
  • Help you to become a volunteer to help others
  • Access to local social groups, leisure activities and learning opportunities.

Throughout the year the agents will be working to help people choose the best service and if requested they will also return to ensure you are satisfied. We aim to:

  • Provide independent, confidential trusted advice
  • Compliment not duplicate existing services
  • Reduce confusion and add value to service choice
  • Help anyone in need, particularly the elderly and families
  • Share information and experience
  • Inform future Adult Health and Community Wellbeing strategy
  • For more information or to arrange a meeting with an agent please call the free helpline on 0800 9775858.

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