All Planning Applications for Panfield Parish can be found on The Braintree District Website.  The web address is: applications.


Listed below are planning applications with the reference number you will need when accessing BDC planning applications site.


Kyra Hall Road - 16/00221/FUL Application Granted

Perrychilds, Hall Road - 16/00126 Application Granted

101 Kynaston Road - 16/00260/FUL Application Granted

8 Ketleys View - 16/00391/FUL - Side Extension - Granted

John Barr House - 16/00355/PDEM - Demolition of John Barr House - Permission/Approval not reuired

83 Kynaston Road - 16/00818/PLD - Application Granted

Cavendish, Hall Road - 16/00913/FUL - Granted

Land adjacent 34 Kynaston Road - 16/00938/FUL - Refused