Villagee Design StatementEarly in 2012 Panfield Parish Council discussed the initiation of a Village Design Statement (VDS). The purpose of which was to canvas the opinions of Panfield residents on what aspects of the village were most important, with particular regard to the speed of growth of the village and specifically housing development. Once this opinion was clear, Panfield Parish Council would convey that opinion to any planning matters that presented themselves in the coming years. It was also made clear that Braintree District Council would take those opinions into account when advising on, or reviewing, planning applications for land or properties that fell within the Panfield Parish Boundary.

A Working group, consisting entirely of Panfield residents was formed and every resident of Panfield (841, at that time) was given the opportunity to make their opinion known.

In 2014 every household in Panfield (368) received a copy of the VDS booklet which also included a map of the footpaths within the parish.

In recent years, there have been a number of attempts to develop large areas of land within the Parish, particularly, when Braintree District Council asked landowners throughout the district, to offer land for development (Call for Sites), as part of the Local Development Plan (LDP). To date, Braintree District Council has supported Panfield Parish Council (and therefore the wishes of Panfield Residents), by adhering to the guidelines published in the VDS, and rejecting all large-scale developments that fall with the Parish Boundary.

Copies of the VDS, and of the footpaths map, can be obtained by contacting the Parish Clerk via email at We ask that a donation of £1 be made to Panfield Community Association for each item.