DefibSign2Thanks to the Panfield Community Association (PCA) and the generosity of a village resident and the company he works for, Panfield has its very own defibrillator installed along with a box to store it in.

In consultation and with the agreement of The Bell Inn landlord, Graham, it has been fitted externally at the pub near the recycling area because it’s a central location, (more so than the village hall), the area has good lighting and many events are held in and around the vicinity.

The maintenance and replacement batteries of the defibrillator is funded through the PCA Pananza Lottery draw which is open to Panfield residents. 


Defib2018What is a defibrillator?

An automated external defibrillator (AED) is a safe, portable device used to give an electric shock when a person is in cardiac arrest, i.e. when the heart stops beating and helps to establish a regular heartbeat by monitoring the person's heartbeat and giving them an electric shock if necessary.

Using an AED and administering CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) is only part of the sequence and if someone is having a heart attack or has stopped breathing it is essential to call an ambulance dialling 999 (or from a mobile phone you can call 112).


DefibView2018Future training for Panfield residents

The PCA will be running more first aid/CPR training sessions in the future so if you are interested, please text 07856 516610 and they will contact you once the dates have been arranged.


Further information

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