Local Knowledge

Anchorages In prevailing Westerly winds, good shelter is available in Quay Reach, on the South side of Wallasea Island, particularly towards the Branklet Spit end. Another favourite spot is between Potton Island and Foulness. Vessels should not anchor in the Paglesham Reach fairway, but may do so below the channel buoys near the entrance to Paglesham Pool.
Buoyage and navigation marks The principle navigation buoys in the Roach are maintained by the Crouch Harbour Authority. There are also anumber of racing marks in Quay Reach and Devils Reach. The approaches to Rochfard are marked by locally maintained buoys and withies, and there are withies marking shallow areas in many of the creeks.
Crouch Harbour Authority The CHA are based at Burnham (Harbourmaster's Office 01621 783602), but patrol both rivers in the launch "Watchful" and a RIB. www.crouchharbour.org
Foulness Foulness Island is a restricted MOD area, and access by road is by prior arrangement only. Landing by boat is prohibited in most places; however there are public landings, notably the Quay in Quay Reach, and a public road to Church End. No permission is needed to use this route, but it is best to stay on the road.
Harbour Dues All boats staying in the Crouch or roach must pay the Harbour Dues and display a licence plaque. These can be purchased from yards and clubs, or directly from the Crouch Harbour Authority. The fee varies from £5 per annum, depending on boat length.
Havengore Bridge Havengore lifting bridge is normally manned an hour either side of high water in daylight, but it is always advisable to call. The bridgekeeper can be contacted on VHF 16/72 (call "Shoe Bridge"). More info on approaches to the creek here.
Sutton Wharf, Rochford Although the Roach dries at Rochford, this yard takes quite large commercial vessels as well as leisure craft. Tel 07850 384819.
Moorings - Barling area Anyone know who to contact?
Moorings - Paglesham area Moorings in Paglesham Reach are available from Paglesham Boatyard (see below), or through the Roach Sailing Association (see below). Most are deep-water moorings, but drying moorings are also available.
Moorings - Wakering area Contact Suttons Boatyard, Wakering
Paglesham Boatyard Moorings, slip and yard storage, plus boat repairs. Contact Steve Adams on 07791549866.
Potton Bridge Potton swing bridge can be opened any time (24 hours) on request if you call in advance, though there is only water an hour or so either side of high water.
Pubs & Restaurants
  • George & Dragon, Foulness - regrettably is currently closed, but new management hope to re-open in 2009.
  • Plough & Sail, Paglesham East End - excellent food from the Oliver family - booking advisable
  • Punchbowl, Paglesham Church End - a good local pub about a mile from the river. Serves food at most times
Roach Sailing Association The RSA is an active group with a full cruising, racing and social calendar. There is no club house, but members are based mostly at Paglesham and Rochford. Programme and contact information at www.paglesham.org.uk/rsa.
Speed limits There is an 8 knot speed limit throughout the Roach area. In the Paglesham Reach fairway, and in the creeks, there is a 4 knot limit. Speed restrictions are enforced by the Crouch Harbour Authority who patrol the river regularly.
Thames Estuary The Port of London Authority site www.portoflondon.co.uk has useful information on the estuary including tide tables, Directions, and Notices to Mariners.
Tides There is a spring range of around 5m on the Roach, and a little under 4m at neaps. HW is 40-50 minutes later than Walton-on-the-Naze, about the same time as Burnham and about 15 minutes before Southend. Tide tables for the Thames Estuary including Walton and Southend, are available at www.portoflondon.co.uk
Wakering Yacht Club Wakering YC is now based at Rochford where they have a small yard and friendly club house. Tel 01702 530926.
Wallasea Wetlands Project During Summer 2006, 110 hectares of Wallasea Island bordering the Crouch will be converted to saltings as a conservation project. RAFCC have been reprisented throughout the planning stages and have stressed the impotance of maintaining navigation channels and access to the Wallasea sea wall footpath. More info at the Defra Wallasea site.
Water Skiing Water skiing is prohibited in the Roach and its tributaries. However there are ski areas set aside in the Crouch and there is a good ski club there.