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Local Plan map of agreed sites in Ramsden Bellhouse.  Opens in a new window 26th January 2017

PC Chairman receiving defibrillator for Ramsden Bellhouse

The Parish Council Chairman receives the defibrillator for Ramsden Bellhouse from the Ambulance Trust.

Please send the following to Cllr. Richard Wellborne, September Cottage,
Church Road.

Background information

Details of how you can be trained & the application form.

A meeting was arranged for 25th February at the Village Hall with Basildon Council Plnning Officers.  The purpose of the Meeting was to present the draft Local Plan and its proposals for Ramsden Bellhouse and answer questions from  residents. You can see the presentation slides here.


Ramsden Bellhouse War Memorial

 The new War Memorial and surrounds


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5TH AUGUST, 2014

Ramsden Bellhouse Parish Council has set up a mailing list to keep residents informed about Basildon Borough Local Plan consultations.

If you would like to be included in the mailings please confirm you give permission for your details to be retained (a form will be requested to be completed) and send an e-mail to ramsdenbellhousepc@outlook.com and put Local Plan Consultation List in the title bar.

This list will only be used to inform residents about planning matters, and will not be given to third parties.


Keeping you up to speed with Superfast Essex


The Superfast Essex story so far...

In August 2013 Essex County Council signed a contract with BT to improve broadband coverage across greater Essex and this became the Superfast Essex programme. It is part of a national government-led programme to improve broadband connectivity across the UK, Superfast Britain, which the Department for Culture Media and Sport (DCMS) is coordinating through a team called Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK).

BDUK, Essex County Council and BT are jointly investing £24.6m into the Superfast Essex programme. As part of the programme, the Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) contract uses public subsidy to complement and accelerate the broadband offering by commercial operators.

The aim is to improve broadband coverage so that around 87 per cent of Essex has access to fibre broadband by the end of 2016. We want to ensure that a minimum of 2Mbps download speed is available across Essex, and that the fibre network - with the potential to provide superfast speeds of 24Mbps and above - is extended as much as possible with the available funding.

Ramsden Bellhouse Parish Council's activities can be divided into two main themes. Firstly, the Council is a local provider. It can identify local needs, and where the law allows, cater for them in order to enhance the quality of life in its area. It might undertake an activity on its own or provide assistance to, or act in partnership with, another body to provide a service. Secondly, the Council represents the community to outside organisations. In some cases, there is a legal requirement for the Council to be consulted, on the formation of local plans for example. Other bodies find it convenient to consult parish councils in order to gain a sample of views. The Parish Council can also take on the job of responding to consultation documents which have not been sent to it for comment but which are judged to have an impact on the parish or its residents. The Parish Council receives and comments on all the planning applications for the parish area and has established a policy for dealing with them. 




To find out whether you live within the Parish of Ramsden Bellhouse see the Parish Map. The Parish boundary is outlined in blue.






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