The Parish Council's Tax Voucher Scheme has been running since April 2005. Initially, it was funded from external grant monies, but since that time grants have only been available  to set up schemes not to continue them.

As the Scheme had made such a positive impact on the lives of its members, the Parish Council decided that it must continue and would therefore have to be funded from the parish council tax.

The criteria for eligibility to benefit from the Taxi Voucher Scheme is as follows:

1. Members must be resident in Ramsden Bellhouse.

2. The resident must have no means of independent travel.

3. The resident must be a pensioner.

4. No-one in the household has any vehicle, or is able to drive.

Members use the vouchers for health appointments, shopping and social visits.

If you think you might be eligible to join please contact Cllr. Richard Wellborne.