When it carried out a consultation event in 2005 the Parish Council received overwhelming support for the funding of a Police Community Support Officer.  An amount was budgeted to employ an officer for half of each week, but another parish was needed to employ the officer for the rest of the week. No other parish  or community could be found to participate in this scheme.

The Parish Council then continued to look for other ways it could promote village security and crime prevention, because it was obviously a subject that concerned residents.

It was decided to begin a pilot scheme using a security firm to patrol the village roads.  This pilot began at the end of February, 2008 and initially was to last 12 weeks. It was hoped by the end of that period to have reached a conclusion as to whether this was the way the Parish Council wanted to proceed. A questionnaire was delivered to each house in the parish in March to ascertain the views of residents, because it is they who will be paying for the patrols through their council tax. Sixty one survey forms were returned and the result was support for the continuation of the security patrol, even though it had  been running only a short time.


Residents may use the publicity sign.


A second questionnaire was undertaken in September 2008. The questionnaire received 61 responses from 271 households. This is a 22.5% response rate. Three questions were asked:

1. Do you think the security patrols should continue? Yes or No?

2. Do you think the average household cost of 37p per week is too low, about right or too high?

3. What is your concern about village security, please write it here.

The answers split into 7 categories as follows:

A. Yes they should continue,- average cost too low


B. Yes they should continue - average cost about right.


C. Yes, they should continue - no comment on cost.


Total Yes


D. No, they should not continue - average cost too high.


E. No, they should not continue - average cost about right.


F. No they should not continue - no comment on cost.


Total No


G. Questions asked but no answers given.



There were many constructive comments included with the answers, but are not copied for reasons of security.