Council Information

Security Patrols


The Council would like to publicise the fact that from 1st October security patrols will be running twice a week through the parish.


The vehicles involved will be clearly marked and may have flashing lights. 


The patrols will be on random days at random times.


If you have any questions regarding the patrols, please contact the Clerk, or Cllr Denise Fleming or Cllr James Knight.

Proposed Mediators

Tony Fisher

CEDR Terms and Conditions






Letter from the Charity Commission regarding application to begin legal proceedings


Letter from the Charity Commission

Parish Council Response

The Parish Council's response to the article about the Bell Fields published in the September issue of the Rettendon and Battlesbridge Newsletter, as agreed at the meeting held on 30th October 2018, is as follows:


Response to Collected Comments published in Rettendon & Battlesbridge Newsletter - September


Parish Council Statement

The Parish Council's stated position on the Bell Fields, as agreed at the Council meeting held on 27th March 2018, is as follows:

How the Bell Fields are used should be determined by the Trustees of the relevant charities elected as per Section 300 (3) and (4) and section 302 (1) and (3) of the Charities Act 2011, and not by the Parish Council. 


Full Report from Manorial Rights Working Group

Please click on the link below:

Working Party Report on Retained Rights in the Parish


The Pavilion QS Report - July 2014



Questions and Answers arising from the Parish Meeting December 2017