RHFAG: This Year's Activities - 2019


Every year, at RHFAG, we do practical archaeological work but the balance of what we do varies from year to year. An outline of what is planned for 2019 is set out below but the annual programme is always provisional and can be subject to modification and expansion. The detail of the work to be done is decided at our monthly general meetings. 


RHFAG currently has two projects in operation, Noak Hill and Canewdon.


At Noak Hill, the third series of excavations finished in November, 2011, the sixth consecutive year of digging. This marked the end of the main period of excavation and recording for the investigation begun in 2005In 2016, both the processing of bulk finds and pottery previously excavated and the drawing up of trench Harris Matrices were completed.


Additionally, in 2016, a new trench was dug in an area of the site where no major structures were anticipated to enable a more detailed study of the tile context which had been found in all the excavations on the site. Contrary to expectation, this trench was found to be complex and significantly related to kiln activity. A detailed record was produced of the succession and of its cuts and fills. In 2017, we completed the post-excavation work and finds processing associated with this trench. In 2018, the construction of a Harris Matrix was begun.


In 2019, the construction of Harris Matrices for both the 2016 trench and the site as a whole continues. This year, there is also the possibility of a new trench being dug in a different part of the site. The final decision on whether this does or does not go ahead in 2019 will be made during the course of the year.


2019 marks the seventh year in the latest phase of the Canewdon Project. The latest test pits were dug in 2014 and an article written for Canewdon's "Broomstick" magazine. The examination and processing of finds from all the garden test pits so far dug is complete with the identification of problematic pottery sherds having been carried out by a professional specialist. Writing up of the second series of Canewdon test pit reports is in progress and is continuing through 2019. When a report is completed, it is given to the householders in whose garden the test pit was dug. When all the garden test pit reports have been completed, a summary report of all 35 will be published.


As in previous years, there may be trips out to various sites.


For details of what it is like excavating with us, please see Being a RHFAG Member on the Membership page.




For information: In most years, we have an excavation period in the summer but as this is linked to the duration of specific projects, it may not be the case in every year. In the absence of an excavation, we would normally have a similar period of practical activities or post-excavation work.