Braintree District Council is developing a new Local Plan.  This is the long-term plan for what, where, when and how development will be managed in the District.  If you live in, work in, travel through, or visit the District it will have an impact on you.  The Plan will provide for future local needs for homes, employment, and business sites, whilst protecting the most valuable countryside and maintaining a high quality of life in the District.

As part of the process for development of this Local Plan, landowners are able to nominate pieces of land for possible development.  At this stage (August 2015) no decisions on site selection have been made.  BDC's Officers are reviewing all the sites which have been put to them as well as development boundaries and site allocations which were proposed in the Submission Site Allocations and Development Management Plan.  A public consultation will take place early in 2016.

To view the sites proposed click on this link: and then select "Call for sites".  On the next page you have the choice of viewing a list of sites or looking at them on an interactive map. 

To see how the plan is progressing, view the Updates from BDC below.

Update No. 1 - June 2015

Update No. 2 - December 2015