Casual Notice Vacancy 18th December 2019

Ridgewell Parish Council Needs You!

The Parish Council is looking for residents to be co-opted onto the Council, there are currently 2 vacancies.

The Parish Council represents the people of Ridgewell and their interests. It is important that the makeup of the Council is a reflection of the local community, applications are welcomed from all who meet the qualifying requirements, details can be obtained from the Parish Clerk.

The Parish Council has a wide range of responsibilities and represents the interests of residents to other local authorities and organisations. The role of a co-opted councillor is exactly the same as that of an elected councillor, is very varied and can be very rewarding.

Further details on the role of a councillor and the work of the Parish Council can be obtained from the Parish Clerk.

If you are interested in applying for the vacancy please send a written expression of interest (emailed submissions accepted) which includes your reasons for wishing to be a councillor; previous community/council experience; any other skills you can bring to the Council, your interests and recent career history.

Applicants will need to complete and sign a ‘Candidates Consent to Co-option' form, available on the website or from the Parish Clerk.  The Parish Council will consider all expressions of interest at a forthcoming meeting of the  Parish Council.

Successful candidates will be selected by signed ballot completed by those councillors present at the meeting and permitted to vote.