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To view the information available from Ridgewell Parish Council under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, please click here:  Freedom of Information.  The Freedom of Information Act 2000 required all parish councils to adopt a Publication Scheme to be approved by the Information Commissioner. The publication scheme sets out the types of information that the Parish Council will make available as a matter of normal business routine, much of this information will be shown on this website.  Information can be supplied in hard copy on request.  Any information not on the website can be requested and supplied either electronically or in hard copy.  For more detailed information on the Freedom of Information Act you can visit the ICO website at:

The Council has been advised that nationally, Freedom of Information requests from some enquirers are being blocked as spam.  Normally, this should not happen to us, but to prevent your message being blocked, we would ask you to add "RPCFOIA" to the title line of your email and we can be sure of receiving it.

Code of Conduct for Councillors  If you have a complaint about a Councillor in respect of the Code of Conduct, please contact the Monitoring Officer at Braintree District Council (tel. no. 01376 551414).  See also the 'Register of Interests" webpage for details of Councillors' interests.

Co-Option of a new Parish Councillor Procedure

Candidates Consent to Co-option' form

Complaints Procedure 

Document Retention Policy

GDPR - General Privacy Notice

Policy on erection of temporary signs on village greens

Parking on village greens

Media relations policy

Social media policy

Policy on travel expenses for Councillors

Policy on hedge trimming and tree works

Grant awarding policy and Grant application form