Projects Update 2018

Councillors’ Community Grant

Shalford Local History Association (SLHA) applied for a Councillors’ Community Grant towards the end of 2017 and were delighted to receive notification in November that the application had been successful. 

The purpose of the grant is to provide the funds for electronic equipment for cataloging the artifacts, photographs, books and documents already in the archives, and any future artefacts donated to the Association by residents, relations and friends of the parish of Shalford, to bring the Association into the 21st Century. 

With existing funds together with the Grant, the Association has purchased a laptop, and appropriate software, digital camera, scanner, printer, HDMI projector and screen plus an external hard drive, to create a database inventory detailing the items held in store. 

The database will include photographs of the artifacts and scanned PDF digital documents and photographs in the form of an itemized listing providing information obtained, including by when and whom the items were donated to the Association. A catalogue of the archive will allow researchers to access, plan and feed information about the items and proposed events back to the Association, thus extending communal knowledge of local history 

It is anticipated that this project will be completed by the early months of 2018.history01

History Exhibition Day

SLHA is planning another History Exhibition Day in Shalford Village Hall on Saturday 30th June 2018.

May Holmes Langford Trophy

All the children in Shalford Academy School responded enthusiastically to the History Project “The Secret Garden”. The judging took place on 18/07/2018, with the Trophy being presented on 20/07/2018.

There were four different types of entries:

Secret Garden Stories, Poetry, The Life cycle of Sunflowers, Information and drawings of William Morris

The Winners:

Elm Class                      Garan Cheema

Beech Class                  Samuel Hinton

Chestnut Class              Ruby Foskett

Overall winner of the Shield and Prize:    Samuel Hinton 

Barbara Mavis

Chairman (SLHA)