Shalford Village Hall Update

With the recent Parish Councillor election and now the EU Elections coming up this week, do many residents give much thought to the actual Polling Station being used - our village hall

Or just that the building is part of Braintree Council or Shalford Parish Council and just forms part of the Local Council Tax paid

Shalford Village Hall is a separate entity and is owned by all residents in Shalford and needs continuous maintenance for posterity

Run by a very small committee of 10 members, who were very disappointed at their recent AGM advertised on noticed boards and this web site, including the committee only 15 people attended

Roofing Fund

Many residents signed the petition at the shop to support the roofing fund in the past 12 months which was only 50% successful and looking for funding grants is still ongoing. Colin Golding and Linda, Chairman & Secretary have been very successful over the past few years in obtaining grants for new showers and kitchen which has brought in new bookings.

16th May 2019 visits by the Lottery Team to try and secure the final funding to replace the roof structure, which will then reduce heating costs, await out come

Safe Skills Cricket

You may have noticed that a team from Ilford is using our facilities most Sundays through out the summer, they are a major input to the income of our village hall, last year’s accounts showed income over expenditure surplus of just £200. Shalford Parish Council pays a yearly grant of £4,000 towards the hall maintenance only, the playing field which cost £1,000’s in upkeep has to rely on its own income

Up Coming Changes



Arrangements were made at recent meeting held on 8th May 2019 to repair external rendering and paint to existing colour and to remove old external toilet bloc and lower surrounding ground, building has been unused for many years, in preparation of enlarging the car park.


It is intending to use part of the Parish Council grant for this work





 Wickham Bishops


Perhaps the way forward would be to do as Wickham Bishops has done, they sold their playing fields to a builder for new houses who then provided a new village hall, newly built in 2005 it replaced the old hall which was built in 1928, and it is now arguably the best village hall in Essex. Their Village Hall offers superb accommodation to all its users. Is this the way forward

Would we really want to do that?


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