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Parish  Clerk

Cathryn Carisle

Herkstead Green Bungalow, Cornish Hall End, Braintree, CM7 4HH

Tel: 01440 731 964  E:-

Meeting Dates 2019:-  

16th Jan - 20th Feb - 20th Mar - APM 21st Mar - 17th Apr - 15th May - 19th June

17th Jul - No Meeting August - 18h Sept - 16th Oct - 20th Nov - 18th Dec


Shalford Parish Council is the elected representative body for the people of Shalford, each councillor volunteers their time freely.

In January each year the Parish Council submits a budget forecast to Braintree District for the forthcoming financial year, and receives a payment known as Precept. Each household contributes to this payment via their Council Tax which is shown as payment to Shalford Parish Council.

The Parish Council strives to improve the quality of community life by spending sums of money on things which, in their opinion are in the interests of the parish. The Parish Council maintain and guard things such as bus shelters, rights of way, footpaths, street lighting and the various green spaces within the community such as Whites Hill.

The Parish Council pays annual grants to the Village Hall and also the Church, these grants are to help with the general running costs and maintenance. The Parish Council also aims to support smaller groups financially within the village when possible.

Parish Councillors know the village and they can represent its views to Braintree District Council and Essex County Council. The Parish Council is consulted on all planning applications and they are constantly striving to improve traffic calming measures and any other issues involving Highways.

As for the future we will shortly be taking over the running of Stoneley Park, an area of more than fifty acres and we hope to turn this into a truly unique asset for the village. We are also looking to purchase a mobile speed camera which can be positioned in various positions around our village.

The Parish Council meets every third Wednesday of the month which the public are welcome to attend to voice their opinions or concerns, the Annual Parish Meeting takes place in May where Shalford Residents can question individual councillors and submit ideas for the forthcoming year.