What is GDPR’ – How it effects our Add Me - Email system

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an update to the existing Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA). GDPR will apply in the UK from 25th May 2018 and will replace the DPA.

Shalford Community Web site

Our web site does not hold any personal data of residents, other than ‘Local Contacts’ of organisations for their contact purposes only

Our Database - Add Me - Email Newsletter system

Residents Data is only held to inform you of current news item via email and for no other reason, no information is passed/shared with other members of Shalford Parish Council, unsubscribe is directly on the page of email sent out, if this happens full details of the recipient are removed from the address database

Only Name and email data is held together with date resident indicated they wish to join the email system

No data is held on any on-line web site, but only on local secured computer system protected with the relevant access password used by Web Admin only


Sensible Precautions

With the current world situation of companies collecting all types of data and the use of web sites, you should never use your primary email address on any web pages or special offers on sites such as Facebook/eBay

Google offers a very simple procedure of creating an additional email address at www.googlemail.co.uk also known as Gmail.com, once created it can be closed at any time, also easily used on any phone or tablet yourname@gmail.com


Not Receiving our Monthly Email Newsletter

Have your recently changed you email address?
Just use ADD ME from the Home page to reinstated contact
Do you have our email address info@shalfordnews.co.uk stored in your contacts list?

All suppliers of email systems such as www.btinternet.com or www.talktalk.co.uk have procedures in place to try and stop Spam mail reaching you and are becoming very strict on the procedure of emails reaching your computer/device,[ i.e. spam is where the same email goes to numerous addresses.]

ACTION: - You may need to check their main web site on-line and check the spam email section to ensure the Shalford email has not been marked as Spam

David Eversden 07/05/2018
Web Admin info@shalfordnews.co.uk