The Shalford Village Hall Committee

The Village Hall committee is made up of Shalford residents and representatives from local organisations using the hall and its facilities.

Resolution 8th Jaunary 2014 to update Trust Deed dated >>6th March 1945<<

Revised Trust Deed 1945 updated >>8th January 2014<<


Main contact should be secretary for all correspondance:
Information correct as AGM April 2018

Colin Golding T:- 07967 647458 E:-

Vice Chair
Andrews Hull T:- 01371 850214 E:-

Linda Golding T:- 01371 850246 E:-

Little Martins, Shalford Green, Shalford, Essex 

Jane Mills  T: - 01371 850390

Booking Clerk
Nicola Walton T:-  07505 282374
Ian Butcher         E:-  [Football Representative]

Brian Turner      [Cricket Representative]

Diane Hulkes    T:-  01371 850233  [Bowls Club Representative]

David Eversden T:- 01371 850606  [Shalford Parish Council Representative/Village Resident Representative]

Rob Short          E:-   [Village Resident Representative]