Parish Clerk- Debbie Tennant
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 Next meeting:- 8th January 2020
(Precept meeting)

Sheering Parish Council meets monthly (except December)
on a Wednesday evening at 7.30pm in the village hall   

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   Refuse Collection day is WEDNESDAY

 Any queries please phone Epping Forest District Council
mainswitch board 01992 564000


Pavement Salt for footpath clearing


The Parish Council has a limited supply of salt available free to residents to use
to clear the footpath in front of their properties, when icy conditions occur.


If you wish to have some to collect or be delivered please contact
Councillor Alan Jones on 01279 734747

It would be most helpful if some residents would be willing to store a bag or two
in a visible and accessible place on their property so that,
in the event of adverse conditions, their neighbours can use some.


The government guidelines on clearing footpaths are: -

“Clear snow from a road, path or cycleway”

You can clear snow and ice from pavements yourself. It’s unlikely that you’ll be sued or held responsible if someone is injured on a path or pavement if you’ve cleared it carefully.

How to clear snow and ice

When you clear snow and ice:

  • do it early in the day - it’s easier to move fresh, loose snow
  • don’t use water - it might refreeze and turn to black ice
  • use salt if possible - it will melt the ice or snow and stop it from refreezing overnight
    (but don’t use the salt from salting bins as this is used to keep roads clear)
  • you can use ash and sand if you don’t have enough salt - it will provide grip underfoot
  • pay extra attention - when clearing steps and steep pathways - using more salt may help


Further information on local council’s responsibilities can be found at:


Petitions for fixed speed cameras.

Your parish council is receiving an increasing number of complaints from residents living on or adjacent to The Street in Sheering village, and along Sheering Lower Road, these express significant concern about speeding vehicles, during both daytime and at night, often waking people.

On more than one occasion we have been told by the responsible authorities that the criteria necessary for enhanced enforcement measures, such as fixed cameras, have not been met.
However, since instances seem to be escalating in regularity, we will, as required and separately for each road, submit new forms and documentation requesting action.

It appears that the inclusion of a petition along with an action request may assist a favourable decision so we are asking all residents affected to register.
Rather than needing to gather signatures manually, an online document will be as effective.

So, if you are affected, and wish to add your name(s) to a petition, please e-mail your NAME, POSTAL ADDRESS, (with Post code), and a PERSONAL E-MAIL address, to the parish council at spcplanning@outlook.com .

We will collate the details and submit these either in hard copy or online as appropriate.

Regular updates on the counts and any responses received will be placed on the Parish Council website or, if requested, we will send you progress reports to your e-mail address.

To comply with data protection legislation, (GDPR), you must also indicate that you are happy you receive responses from us, (when you register).



 All information received from Epping Forest District Council regarding the Local Plan
can be accessed on the Local Plan tab on this website

OR at www.eppingforestdc.gov.uk/planningourfuture 



   Current Information on proposed M11 Junction 7a 

Check www.essex.gov.uk/junction7a 
phone ECC call centre 0345 603 7631

or phone Highways England 0300 123 5000

for more information.




FLYTIPPING and RUBBISH phone EFDC 01992-564608 or erefuse@eppingforestdc.gov.uk

ECC Highways (Pot holes) phone 0345 6037631 or www.essexhighways.org/Transport-and-roads.aspx

Power Cuts 105 

Non-Emergency Police 101 


Contact Information

Debbie Tennant
1 New Row
The Street
CM22 7LZ


01279 734580