Since 2011 the South Rodings have supported Harlow foodbank a project of the Michael Roberts Charitable Trust (MRCT). Harlow foodbank is part of a national network of foodbanks who use tinned and dried foods to provide nutritionally balanced emergency food to people in crisis.


From April 2009 up to the end of September 2014 Harlow foodbank has fed 12,624 people (8,463 adults & 4,161 children) with emergency food. 


The South Rodings churches are collecting the following items:


Milk (Long Life/UHT/dried), Fruit Juice (Cartons long life)

Baked Beans, Tomatoes (tinned), Vegetables (tinned), Soup (tinned or packet) 

Meat & Fish (tinned)

Fruit (tinned) and tinned puddings (Rice/Sponge)

Pasta (500g packs), Rice (500g packs), Noodles, Sugar (500g packs)

Breakfast Cereals

Tea Bags & Coffee (Instant)

Biscuits, Chocolate/snack bars

Spreads (jam, honey, peanut butter, marmalade, marmite etc.)


Toiletries are also welcome as follows:


Toilet rolls

Toothpaste & Toothbrushes

Shower gel & Shampoo

Razors & Shaving gel

Deodorant (men’s/women’s)

Feminine care


All of the donated items will go towards the work of Harlow foodbank providing food for people in crisis in the Harlow area. Please bring along your items to any Church service and place them in the collecting box (there is one in each Church). Alternatively Abbess Roding Church is open so the items can be dropped off there at a time convenient to you in the box at the back of the Church behind the Font. Beauchamp Roding Church is also open daily from 7am to 7pm so items can be placed in the box there.


For more information on Harlow foodbank please click here.