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Springfield Parish Council is a Quality Council

that has 15 members serving the communities

of the North Springfield, Beaulieu Park,

Chancellor Park and Chelmer Village areas.

Springfield Parish is situated within the Chelmsford

Borough in the County of Essex. 




Chairman: Cllr Ms Susan Sullivan

Clerk to the Council: Mrs Barbara Larken


NOTE: Springfield Parish Council is holding its Annual Parish Assembly for residents of the

parish on Monday 16th April 2018 at Springfield Parish Centre, St Augustine's Way, in the

Council Chamber on the first floor commencing at 8pm.


This is a public meeting and every resident of the parish is invited to come along and have

their say about local issues, to meet their parish councillors and see what the parish council is

doing for them.


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NOTE: For all enquiries regarding hall hire contact Springfield Parish Centre on:

Tele: 01245 464583

Email: enquiries@springfieldpc.org.uk 




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Springfield Parish Council,
St. Augustine's Way


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