Baptisms 2019

 21st July @ 10:00am

21st July @ 14:00pm

28th July 11:00 @ Little Totham

11th August @ 14:00pm

18th August (Time not known)

25th August 11:00 @ Little Totham

20th October 14:00pm 

Marriages 2019

20th July

2nd August (Goldhanger) Renewal of Vows  [SG]

3rd August

24th August (Goldhanger)  [SG]

30th August 13:00pm

31st August

14th September (Marriage Blessing) 

19th October (Confirmed 2018-11-28)

18th November (Goldhanger)  [SG]

27th June 2020 (Provisional)

18th July 2020

25th July 2020


12th September 2020 (Goldhanger) [SG Provisional]


26th September 2020 (Goldhanger) [SG Provisional]



(Information is as up to date as is known - Some dates and times are provisional)