At the PCC meeting on Monday 19th September 2005 the PCC adopted the following policy, which was unanimously renewed at a PCC meeting on 22 July 2019 with the addition of a new Clause 2.

  1. We affirm the Fifth Mark of Mission – to strive to safeguard the integrity of creation and sustain and renew the life of the earth – as a central part of our life, work and mission.
  2. We will embark on achieving at least one Eco-Church award.
  3. We will take environmental concerns fully into account in our mission, worship, study, education, training, pastoral, administrative and other programmes and projects.
  4. We will appoint a person as our Environmental Officer and encourage them to bring environmental concerns forward on a regular basis.
  5. We will consider the environmental impact of all our policies and plans and accept that additional costs may be incurred.
  6. We will ask our members to consider their personal impact on the environment in their daily lives.

Irene Harriss was re-appointed as Environmental Officer.