Tendring Parish Council is allowed 7 councillors, the current councillors are:

Chairman - Trevor Edwards - Hawthorn Cottage, Lodge Lane, Tendring , Essex, CO16 0BS

Vice Chairman - Jill Brattan - Yew Tree Cottage, Thorpe Road, Tendring, Essex, CO16 9AR

Penny Barker - Rowan Lodge, 35 Pilcox Hall Lane, Tendring CO16 0DW

Nick Rippon - Arboria, The Heath, Tendring, CO16 0DA

Pat Goodman -  Sandalwood, The Street, Tendring, CO16 0BN

Richard Cronin - The Old Chapel, The Green, Tendring, Essex, CO16 0BU


Village Representatives

Tree Warden Reps. - Cllr. Cronin and Cllr. Barker

Footpaths Rep. - Cllr. Rippon

Tendring District Local Councils Reps. - Cllr. Goodman and Cllr. Barker

TDC Resilience Rep. - Cllr. Edwards


 Disclosable Pecuniary Interests

P_Barker_AOO_DPI_COC.pdf amended DPI form PB_DPI_2015.pdf






S_Jermy_AOO.pdf   S_Jermy_COC.pdf   S_Jermy_DPI_.pdf 


There is currently no vacancies for a councillor, if you would like more information about being a councillor please use the following link become_a_parish_councillor[44310].pdf

To apply please see this link for more information Casual_Vacancy_Notice_TPC_Oct_18.doc

Next Election is May 2019.