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Please contact us to offer comments on the website or for offers of help.

email :

We are asking people to join the Society to help us raise funds for our project.

Membership is £2.50 per person per annum, members' children under 16 yrs of age will have free membership - but we would still like to have their names on our list. Please print off the Membership Form and send it to me with your money. Thank you.

We will also be asking for corporate members to join - more details later.

We will need lots of bricks at £1.00 each - would you like to pay for a few bricks? You can use the Membership Form for this too.

Perhaps you would like to volunteer with some of the physical work involved, or maybe you have some expert knowledge that will help us? Help with funding application would be greatly appreciated.

Whatever your involvement - we want to hear from you - thankyou