The allotment site is situated behind Clacton Road.  Access is from a private lane opposite the Post Office/General Store.

There are 23 plots on our Allotment site.

There is a water supply on site for use by allotment holders, but the use of sprinklers is not allowed.

Manure is provided for use by allotment holders.

If you would like to be put on a waiting list for a plot please send your details to the Clerk


Tenancy Agreement 2017

  • The Annual Allotment Holders Meeting was held in the Village Hall on Wednesday 4th October 2017 at 7pm. 
  • There is one vacant allotment at the moment
  • Please contact the Clerk if you would like to take on an allotment
  • The Rent is £20 a year including water and manure
  • Council asks for an initial Deposit of £20 which is refundable on leaving the plot