Local Government

The various functions of local government in England are carried out by different levels of authority.  In Essex, the town/parish/village councils are the first tier of local government, the “grass roots” level of local democracy and they play a significant role in the local community. 

Tillingham Village Council

Tillingham Village Council is part of the Maldon District Council area and the Essex County Council area. All three authorities, Town/Parish/Village, District and County Councils have a close working relationship, but each has different responsibilities and each is an independent and autonomous statutory authority. 

A Village Council is a corporate body, a legal entity separate from that of its elected members. Its decisions are the responsibility of the whole body. The Council has been granted powers by Parliament and it can only do what legislation requires or permits it to do. 

Tillingham Village Council plays a vital part in representing the interests of the community it serves, improving the quality of life and the local environment.  It influences other decision makers and it delivers facilities/services to meet local needs. 


Tillingham Village Council consists of seven Councillors

Any person over 18 who is a citizen of the UK, the EU or the Commonwealth can be a councillor if they are an elector in, work in, live in or live within three miles of the area of the local council, unless they are disqualified. Parish/Village Council elections take place every four years and a councillor’s normal term of office is four years.  If the Village Council is quorate (minimum of three councillors) after an election, but insufficient candidates stand to fill all seven seats at an election, then any remaining vacancies may be filled by co-option. 

The main job of a Councillor is to participate in the collective decision making processes of the Council. A Councillor has no authority to make decisions about council business on their own.   

A Councillor is subject to obligations set out in the Code of Conduct adopted by the Council.  A Councillor’s financial and certain other interests in Council business must be transparent.

Tillingham Village Councillors 2019-2023 

Tillingham Village Council Councillor Code of Conduct

Tillingham Village Council Responsibilities

MDC and ECC Responsibilities 

District and County Councillor and MP