Since our journey began in 2014 we have received free help and support from the following:

  • Neighbourhood Plan Working Group (councillors, residents and business volunteers)
  • Colchester Borough Council (Officer Assistance)
  • Rural Communities Coucil for (Officer Assistance)
  • Tiptree Parish Council  (Funding and councillor support)
  • Borough Councillors Former and Present (Funding)
  • Locality (Funding)
  • Fieldwork Assistance (Questionnaire/Data Analysis)
  • Trait Design  (Design of Logo)
  • The Cheap Shop (some help with printing before funding was available)
  • Tiptree Life Magazine (adverts and editorial)
  • The Tribune (editorial)
  • Look Magazine (editorial)
  • All the businesses and organisations who have displayed posters and banners
  • Residents and businesses who have helped with delivery of leaflets
  • Thurstable School,Tofs(the original factory shop), John Alexander, Robert Houlding Carpets, Staines and Bright, Tesco, The Cheap Shop, Wilkin and Son  (for assisting with collection boxes)
  • John Alexander Estate Agents (supplying Advertising Display Boards)
  • Residents who have displayed Advertising Boards
  • Tiptree Youth Worker (assisting with youth questionnaire)

Without all these people we wouldn't have got as far as we have.  If you, as a business or resident are able to give us any free support (however large or small) please contact us.