Community Workshop 21st November 2006

  1. How can i create PDF files?
    It was suggested at the morning that PDF 995 (available to download from is a good program to use to create simple PDF's with. Its free to download, although the free version displays a sponsor page in your web browser each time you run the software. There are many other free PDF creators also available you can find some by searching for "Free PDF creator" in google
  2. Can the process of creating new pages be made simpler?
    We are having an update to the system in January which will make the link to create new content easier. We are also working on updateing our help sheets.
  3. Can i get a year planner on my site?

    Unfortunately there isn't a facility for adding a year planner. There is an events facility on the site ( There are also many free online calendars available including the google calendar ( which may be what your looking for and you could link tofrom your website.

  4. There's a question arising from the workshop that has been missed out where can i find the answer?
    We will be adding more questions to this website as time and we are happy to addany questions to the FAQ if you emailto us at