Hints and Tips

Below are some pages with some hints and tips which you may find useful in developing a website. If you come across some of your own or feel we've missed some out please feel free to let us know (support@essexinfo.net) and we'll be happy to include them on here. We will be contin


You can alter how big your table appears across screen. When you create a table using the 'Insert new table button' a pop up menu appears to enable you to create the table. In the general tab there will be both a width an height box which can be filled in. In the width box by entering the percentage of the screen you would like the table fill (e.g. 50%) thats how far across the screen the table will go. Some example can be seen in the links below

More information about tables can be found in the handout which available in the our files section

Excel Files

By Saving for excel files as you before uploading them to the asset library you they then become available to view by people who dont have Excel on their computer thus making the data you want to share more accessible. you can do this by

  • Opening the file you want to upload in Excel then select 'File' followed by 'Save as webpage'
  • A pop up menu will now appear, the save as type box should list the file type as Web page (*.htm;*.html) this is the file type you need. click on 'Save'
  • You should now have a new version of your spreadsheet saved on your computer.
  • You can now upload your html spreadsheet to  assets library and then link it to a page on your website (assistance with this can be found on help sheet 5).

Click here for an example a simple excel spreadsheet saved for the web