Planning Matters

Tendring District Council is the planning authority for the Wrabness area on most development proposals.

Essex County Council is the planning authority for waste disposal and mineral matters.

The Parish Council is a consultee on planning matters relating to Wrabness and has the opportunity to comment on new planning applications to Tendring District or Essex County Council as appropriate. Discussion about new planning applications takes place at the periodic meetings of the Parish Council. The recommendations made to the planning bodies are recorded in the Minutes.


Planning Policy - Tendring District Local Plan 

During 2018 and 2019 the draft District Local Plan is the subject of formal Examination by an independent Planning Inspector appointed by the Secretary of State.  The policy documents can be viewed on the Tendring District Council website - -  Once approved the Plan will provide the local planning policy context for Tendring District to the year 2033 and beyond to guide future development and decision making on planning applications.

Tendring District Council has been working to update the District Local Plan since 2008.  Wrabness Parish Council has participated in every public consultation stage since that time. Consultations include:

 Tendring District Draft Local Plan: Statement of Community Involvement To inform the Examination process the District Council undertook a Consultation on Community Involvement in the planning process. To see the consultation reply from Wrabness Parish Council look at Parish Council Minutes for November 2017 on this web site.

The Draft Tendring District Draft Local Plan The latest edition of the Local Plan was published for a final public consultation during a six-week period between 16 June – 28 July 2017. The draft Local Plan and six supporting appraisal volumes can be inspected at local libraries or on line on the Tendring District Council website.

On viewing the proposals for Wrabness included in the updated Tendring District Local Plan Publication Draft (2017) the Parish Council at its July 2017 meeting highlighted issues relating to the Wrabness Settlement Development Boundary, Local Green Space, Local Wildlife Site and Mapping.

The Tendring District Local Plan Preferred Options document was published on Thursday 14th July 2016 for public consultation until 8th September 2016. The document was available for inspection at libraries and local exhibitions or on-line at the TDC website. Public comment was invited during the consultion period.

This document sets out the proposed planning policy framework for development throughout Tendring District during the period to 2033. The document which runs to over 180 pages contains a wide range of policy material relating to new housing, employment, the environment and services, plus proposed new village settlement development limits including Wrabness.

Issues and Options Report Tendring District Council carried out a public consultation for six weeks between 1 September and 13 October 2015 about the Issues and Options Report for the Tendring District Local Plan. During this period members of the public were invited to comment on the document. The 39 page document makes a series of statements about the District and posed questions on a range of topics including job creation, development, the environment and infrastructure. The document proposed substantial new housing development in the District including a suggested allocation of 1000 new homes for the rural villages.


Planning Applications: recent applications submitted for development at Wrabness 

Applications Ref Date Submitted TDC Decision

Proposed demolition of existing 3 bedroom dwelling and erection of replacement 3 bedroom dwelling. Replacement doors to garage block. Steeplefield Ash Street Wrabness

19/00518/FUL 29 March 2019 Pending

 Proposed 4 no. four-bed detached dwellings with garages, amendment to existing access road plus provision of turning head. The Priory Harwich Road Wrabness

 19/00367/FUL   6 March 2019  Pending

 Install a new row of posts at front edge of dwelling and raise the whole platform by 30cm. Move steps to the east side & extend hut. 30 East Foreshore Stone Lane Wrabness

19/00343/FUL  12 March 2019   Pending

 Discharge of condition 25 of approved application 15/01737/OUT. Land South of Station Road Wrabness

19/00212/DISCON   8 Feb 2019 Approved 

Discharge of condition 3 (Materials) to approved Planning Application 18/01901/FUL.Ness House Ash Street Wrabness

 19/00183/DISCON 4 Feb 2019   Pending

Non material amendment to planning application 17/01838/FUL - Alteration of roof from flat to "lean-to" style connecting to existing house and reduction of depth of proposal.The Priory Harwich Road Wrabness

 19/00071/NMA 15 Jan 2019 Approval

Alterations to building. Hut 22 East Foreshore Stone Lane Wrabness 

 19/00009/FUL  2 Jan 2019  Pending
To repair and maintain sea defences along the foreshore at Wrabness, Sites A, B and D a proposed low height gabion barrier and site C reconstruct damaged area with a hidden gabion wall.East and West Foreshore Wrabness
 18/02062/FUL   14 Dec 2018  Pending
Demolition of fire damaged dwelling and erection of a replacement dwelling (revised application following 18/00636/FUL). Ness House Ash Street Wrabness CO11 2TG
18/01901/FUL   14 Nov 2018 Approved

 Proposed detached ceremony hall and warden's accommodation and change of use of land from agricultural use to burial ground.Oakfield Wood Burial Ground Ash Street Wrabness CO11 2TQ

18/01818/FUL   30 Oct 2018  Approved 
Replacement semi-detached dwellings and detached garages.

Broadfields Primrose Hill Wrabness  CO11 2TZ

18/1809/FUL   6 Nov 2018  Approved
Erection of 4no four bedroom detached dwellings with garages. Amendments to existing access road with provision of turning head. The Priory Harwich Road Wrabness CO11 2UG 
 18/01699/FUL  10 Oct 2018  Refused

 Installation of a new high speed broadband cabinet. Outside of Wrabness Hall Church Road Wrabness CO11 2TG

18/01694/TELLIC  9 Oct 2018  Deemed Consent

 Proposal to build a modest side extension, a garden / music room and to provide secure storage for musical instruments.  Sunnyside Black Boy Lane Wrabness  CO11 2TW 

  18/01529/FUL  14 Sept 2018  Approved

 Replacement semi-detached dwellings and detached double garages. Broadfields Primrose Hill Wrabness CO11 2TZ

18/01294/FUL  7 August 2018  Refused 

Replacement hut following demolition of existing hut and deck raised by 440mm. 10 West Foreshore Wrabness CO11 2BB

 18/01288/FUL   20 Aug 2018  Approved
 18 dwellings and provision of a 0.2ha village green.

Land South of Station Road Wrabness 

 18/00678/DETAIL 26 April 2018  Approved
Demolition of fire damaged dwelling and erection of a replacement dwelling.

Ness House Ash Street Wrabness

 18/00636/FUL 24 April 2018  Approved
 Single storey rear extension and internal alterations.

Beach Hut at 44 West Foreshore Wrabness 

 18/00610/FUL  18 April 2018  Aproved

Erection of single storey outbuilding for storage of maintenance machinery. Shore Farm Ash Street Wrabness

 18/00386/FUL 20 March 2918   Approved

Proposed single storey rear extension - to form living room & bedroom at The Priory Harwich Road Wrabness

 17/01838/FUL 24 Oct 2017  Approved 
Single storey front extension and insertion of new windows to side elevations.

The Laurels Black Boy Lane Wrabness 

 17/01553/FUL  13 Sept 2017 Approved 
Single storey side extension, two storey bay to rear, single storey bay to right hand side, new window to front elevation, internal alterations and new pitched roof dormers to existing roof. Ness House Ash Street Wrabness 
 17/01524/FUL  12 Sept 2017 Apptoved
Ceremony hall and warden's accomodation and change of use of land from agricultural use to burial ground at Oakfield Wood Burial Ground, Ash Street, Wrabness  17/1115/FUL

5 July


Single storey side extension. Ness House Church Road, Wrabness 17/00992/FUL 5 June 2017 Approved
New annexe. The Gate House Harwich Road Wrabness  17/00954/FUL 7 June 2017 Approved
 New detached dwelling, detached garage and barn extension for agricultural use. Church Road Wrabness 17/00840/FUL  22 May 2017 Refused 

 First floor extension to form additional bedroom at 41 Station Road, Wrabness

 17/00488/FUL 22 March 2017 


 Wrabness Hall Church Road Wrabness - Proposed detached dwelling for private use.

16/01923/FUL 23 Nov 2016 Approved

 Hut 79 West Foreshore Wrabness -Variation of Condition 3 of Planning Permission 16/01234/FUL

to allow construction works to occur between the months of October and March.

16/01881/FUL 17 Nov 2016 Withdrawn

Provision of 2 no. 54,000 litre water tanks with underground pipework to new fire hydrants and fire appliance laybys, one each to be located on the West Shore and East Shore.Wrabness



31 Aug 2016  Approved
Dropped kerb 2 Harwich Road, Wrabness


15 Aug  2016 

Top up the sea wall to 6.2m CD (from 5.65 to 6m CD) and to replace existing farm gate with a flood gate. Shore Farm Ash Street Wrabness  16/00785/FUL 18 May 2016  Approved
Proposed detached dwelling. Wrabness Hall, Church Road, Wrabness 


 16/00697/FUL  3 May 2016 Refused

 Demolition of existing garage and replacement with two storey side extension on same foot print at Old Post Office, Rectory Road, Wrabness.


18 Nov



18 Dwellings and 0.2 ha village green with all matters reserved

land south of Station Road, Wrabness


16 Nov



Proposed single storey side extension & "as built" balcony to existing garage, workshop & storage building for private use. Malkins Coat Harwich Road Wrabness 


28 Oct



Variation of condition 8 of planning permission 14/00157/FUL to vary materials used on hut at 2 West Foreshore Wrabness


27 May


External alterations to building.

Foxes Farm Station Road Wrabness 

 15/00643/LBC  28 April 2015 Approved
Reinstate a beach hut that was destroyed by fire in March 2011 at 76 West Foreshore Wrabness 15/00611/FUL

30 April


First floor extension. Strandlands Rectory Road Wrabness 15/00606/FUL 

22 April


Replacement of access steps to chalet with new handrails. 24 West Foreshore Wrabness  15/00472/FUL

30 March 


Continued use of building as offices for marine engineering company. Red 7 Marine Ltd Shore Farm Ash Street Wrabness 14/01514/FUL

9 Oct


Minor alterations and change of use.

Foxes Farm Station Road Wrabness 


3 Oct 


Replacement two storey dwelling following demolition of existing dwelling and out-building. Part change of use of land to construct alternative access to serve dwelling and construction of ancillary out-building. Domine Farm Cottage Station Road Wrabness   14/01397/FUL  19 Sept 2014  Approved

Removal of conditions on previously approved planning application 13/00225/FUL Priory Barn Harwich Road Wrabness


15 Sept



Retention of steel container to be used as secure storage. (Renewal of expired permission 08/00530/FUL). Wrabness Nature Reserve Wheatsheaf Lane Wrabness

14/00630/FUL  23 June 2014 Approved

Variation of planning permission 12/00455/FUL showing support posts increased in height, number and location. 78 West Foreshore Wrabness 

14/00835/FUL 16 June 2014 Approved

Outline planning application with all matters reserved for the construction of 10 dwellings and 4 affordable houses. Land south of Station Road Wrabness 

14/00447/OUT 31 March 2014


Proposed front dormer window for attic conversion. Goodwill Rectory Road Wrabness 

14/00353/FUL 17 March 2014 Approved
Removal of derelict beach hut and reinstatement of beach hut. 25 West Foreshore Wrabness  14/00356/FUL 14 March 2014  Approved
Amend the operating hours for the Community Shop and Cafe to better reflect the needs of the community. Black Boy Lane Wrabness   14/00266/FUL  28 Feb 2014   Approved
 Reinstate previously dismantled beach hut. 2 West Foreshore Wrabness  14/00157/FUL

5 Feb


 Demolition of existing beach hut to be replaced with a new hut. 38 West Foreshore Wrabness   14/00097/FUL  28 Jan 2014  Approved


Residents: can comment direct to the planning authority on planning matters. You may also wish to make a copy of your comments available to the Parish Council to make them aware of your views.


Information: The Tendring District Council website - -  includes information about planning policies and full details of planning applications - it has a facility for on-line comment about current planning applications.