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Writtle Neighbourhood Plan - email: WrittleNP@gmail.com


Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Meeting Minutes - Can all be be found by clicking here




The Launch

Have your say

The future of our village is in your hands

Public meeting 1.45 for 2.00pm Saturday 28th April 2018

At Writtle University College, Lordship Road 

Refreshments will be served and there will be a £50.00 prize draw


Future Development Proposals for Writtle - Chelmsford City Council FINAL consultation on Preferred Options Local Plan, closed on 14th March 2018, that showed 800 houses at Warren Farm off the Roxwell Road, which we strongly opposed and we know many Parishioners were of the same mind.


Formal Objections to the Proposed Chelmsford Local Plan have been submitted to the City Council by: - 


The Parish Council 


The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group 


Castle Planning, Professional Planning Consultants 


tthc, the traffic transport & highway consultancy.  


These last two reports were both jointly commisioned by the Parish Council and neghbouring Parishes, they are lengthy documents but the Castle Planning submission is summarised in the Executive Summary on page 1 of their report and tthc Transport Report is summarised on page 24 of their report.  All four Reports can be be found by clicking here 


 The next stage is the Public Enquiry by the Independent Examiner, later in the year, at a date to be notified.


Although our Neighbourhood Plan will not be completed until after the Local Plan is finalised and will not affect the outcome, it is closely linked to it and strongly influenced the Parish Council’s decision to start the Neighbourhood Plan process in order to protect any future development of our Parish.  

Our Neighbourhood Plan Designated Area is now registered by Writtle Parish Council as the Relevant Body with Chelmsford City Council and was launched at the Annual Parish Meeting on 10th April 2017.   All Parishioners present unanimously agreed that Writtle should immediately commence the Neighbourhood Plan process.  So we are now on the journey and we need volunteers.    When complete, after Consultation, Independent Examination and Parish wide Referendum, it will be the final part of our Community Led Plans.  


If you are a member of Writtle Future you can Login and comment now click here at Add your Comments please.   If you are not a member but you are a Parishioner or run a Business in the Parish and wish to comment, go to "Request Membership" at the top of this page and follow the instructions.   

If you go to Neighbourhood Plan you can see all our files including latest News articles, Minutes of Meetings, the Neighbourhood Plan process explained and how it fits within the Planning System, files take a few seconds to open and some need a couple of steps. 


Some Basic Points to Consider in putting together a Neighbourhood Plan

Putting together our evidence base.   Evidence gathering can be time consuming and possibly expensive, grants are available, which should cover the cost provided we keep it within bounds - However we must ask ourselves the following questions:

What do we need to find out and why (we do not need to collect everything)?

Do we really need it to inform our choices about land use and development?

What would happen if we didn’t have it?

Is it relevant to our area and our emerging planning objectives?

If so, what is the best way of getting it?   Does it already exist or does it need to be created?


 We welcome your feedback, you can comment on any of the above click on Add your Comments please



In creating our Community Plans enormous thanks are due to all our supporters which included - Our Parishioners; The Rural Community Council of Essex (RCCE); The Community Planning Fund; Writtle Parish Council; Essex County Council Making the Links and all the Local Business Sponsors listed on the back cover of the Plans.