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manages the Village Green and other open spaces and ponds.  Considers all highway and footpath matters and comments to the City Council.  Allotments - in association with Writtle Garden and Allotment Society it manages the allotments in the village

  Committee members: Louise Gannicott (Chair), Wendy Walker (Vice Chair), Andrew Carter, Peter Cracknell, Chris Hibbitt, Sandra Massey, Ian Nicholls and Renato Schmid.
Highways manages all matters related to Highways and Transport in the village
  Committee members:  Peter Cracknell (Chair), Renato Schmid (Vice Chair), Sue Bell, Ralph Bray, Louise Gannicott, Tom Kinloch and John Rayner,
Planning & Development reviews all developments in the village and comments to the City Council
  Committee members: Sue Bell (Chair), Andrew Carter (Vice Chair), Paul Costello, Tom Kinloch, Renato Schmid, Sue Emery and John Rayner.
Playing Fields manages the Playing Field Paradise Road and Pleasure Bit Ongar Road
  Committee members:   Paul Costello (Chair), Sue Emery (Vice Chair), Ralph Bray, Chris Hibbitt, Sandra Massey, Ian Nicholls and Wendy Walker.
Executive & Finance deals with administration and financial matters
  Committee members: Chris Hibbitt (Chair), Ralph Bray (Vice Chair), Chairs of Committees, plus representation by City and County Councillors

All the minutes of the committees can be accessed below.  Please note that the latest minutes on the website are draft, until they are agreed at the following committee meeting.